Dear Shannon



Dear Shannon:

Hi!  So you’ve just finished your Freshman year in High School,  huh? I know it seems like High School will never end….but be patient…the life ahead of you is going to be amazing. You will be blessed beyond measure and I don’t say that lightly. You will also suffer deep heart ache. You will….Shannon… will. I want you to know that everything is going to be okay though.

First things first. I want to get specific for a moment. I saw you trying out for cheer last year.

I saw your insecurity.

I saw your fear.

I saw your humiliation.

I don’t think anyone really knows how it affected you…how it affected us.  The fact that you went to the first day of camp, which was a week before try-outs, was HUGE. You took the first step. Good for you! But somehow you let fear keep you from finishing camp, therefore you weren’t able to try out for the squad. It was your one desire. You had always wanted to be a cheerleader  but you were so deathly afraid that you gave up. Hey- you did. You gave up. It sounds harsh I know…but can I just tell you….its okay. It’s okay! You are so very shy. You are so quiet. You have so much inside of you though. I see you. But you know what? GOD SEES YOU MUCH MORE CLEARLY. And you’re going to make it.

Now, let’s talk about boys. I mean let’s just get it out-of-the-way.


Can I just say this? Boys suck. I mean, they just do. That’s all I’ll say about that.

One last thing I want to tell you- I so love your life. Your life will be amazing…..and I wouldn’t change a thing. I would not change the journey that has taken us where we are today. Oh yes… there’s been deep suffering.

Deep heartache.

Thousands, upon thousands of tears.

Don’t get me wrong- I wish we would’ve made some different choices…but wishing that could mean that it might alter where we are today. And where we are today? I wouldn’t change a thing. Not. One. Thing.

You will marry the most amazing man. I’m so excited in telling you this! It makes me giddy! As I write this we just recently celebrated our 24th anniversary. I love him more today than I ever dreamed.

And your kids….I am SO very proud of them both.

They are extraordinary. They really are. The perfect mix of us and their daddy.

So that’s really all I wanted to tell you.

Stay strong. Keep your chin up.

On those days when you want to REALLY give up, and not live anymore….and you will have them..for a brief time…and you’ll almost get to the point of ending it all….HANG IN THERE. When that day comes you remember this letter, okay? CHIN UP. There’s TOO MUCH to be done! Too much God has for you! For us!

So be sweet, okay? And don’t get so annoyed every time Mom says “be sweet” to you as she hugs you when you’re walking out the door! Those words MEAN SO MUCH to me today! You’ll figure it out soon 😉 I’ve also passed that saying down on to our girls!

Love you, sweet girl!


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  1. micah Murray says:

    Love this and am misty eyed reading it. Yes deep heart ache is a part of life. A part no one prepares you for. There is not a single soul immune to it. Most hide it and that makes me feel like I am failing or weak as I pour my heart out to the Lord. But when I reflect on what I would change or alter…you’re right it is why I am who I am and why I cling to Jesus fiercely. Because I know there is nothing apart from Him. So I am honored sister to stand beside you at this juncture.
    I would say not all boys are awful. I got 4 that to my surprise I love with my whole being. Young Micah would be shocked to hear that! 😂😃😄😅😆 you write beautifully. So glad to call you friend!

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