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Currently Crushing

wednesday crush

This post makes me giddy!  It makes me really happy when I find products that I really love. It makes me even happier when I get to share those products with others! Now, some of these products I do have, some I don’t have. Either way, I’m majorly crushing! So listen up! 1) Morgan Freeman– (I realize he’s not a product but I couldn’t stand not putting him in this post!) I recently saw his…

Monday Confessions | Towels

monday confessions

Hey ya’ll! Here we are at week 3 of Monday Confessions. So a couple of weeks ago my precious husband says to me, “Do you think it’s possible that we get new towels?” It was like it was hard for him to ask me. It really was the sweetest thing. I automatically felt very embarrassed. Embarrassed! Isn’t that crazy? To feel embarrassed in front of the man I’ve been married to for 23 years?? I…

denim & neon

denim & neon

I admit it, neon can be quite intimidating. I’ve always viewed it as “high schoolish” but maybe this is because when I was in the 7th grade neon was HUGE. I had a neon top, pants, socks and belt that I wore TOGETHER. I was bright to say the least…you couldn’t miss me! However, styling neon by adding bits and pieces here and there is darling. Just add an earring, or shoe! i’m loving neon…

The Black Maxi Dress| 3 ways

3 ways to wear a black maxi

  One of my favorite things to do is take one piece of clothing and find different ways to style it. I absolutely love a simple, black maxi dress. The one I am wearing is actually $5 right now at H&M! Score! It’s probably one of the most versatile pieces to style for the summer, and it can even go into fall when worn with a light sweater or blazer. Anyone can pull it off!…

Monday Confessions: Chaos in My Closet!

monday confessions

Here we are at week 2 of Monday Confessions: Chaos in my Closet! Before we begin, I wanted to say a couple things about last week’s post. First of all, I mentioned running in a marathon in November. I want to clarify that I’m not running an entire marathon. I’m doing the 5K…which is still pretty awesome! Also, since I broadcasted my weight to the whole world, my mind has decided that it’s okay to…

Monday Confessions: My Weight

monday confessions

I’m starting a series called “Monday Confessions” and I’m a bit nervous about it, but I’m just doing it so here goes! The numbers on the scale.  Uggghhhh.  It’s something that most women are insecure about. Especially me. About 5 years ago I was running in my neighborhood and I heard this still small voice (JESUS) saying “You should post your weight on social media.” I thought, are you crazy??? So, I once again ignored…

STUCK: I don’t know how to blog!


I don’t! AAAHHHH! (I’m literally screaming)  I really don’t know ANYTHING when it comes to this wonderful thing we call blogging! But- I’m here! So let’s do it! I’m taking the plunge.  So- I felt God nudging me in this direction a couple years ago, but at the time I was extremely busy with other things so I kind of brushed it aside. I ignored His voice.  Then, about 2 months ago I felt another…

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