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All About the White | Mix It Up

Mixing Whites

Ah yes….WHITE. Any shade, any time. Lovely, isn’t it?  There’s nothing wrong with mixing it up! Those that know me well know that I am a rule-follower, but I have no problem disobeying the rules of fashion. But…let’s be reasonable. When mixing, it’s best to mix and match textures and tones that add dimension to your outfit. Look for pieces that have visible vertical seams and lines that add length rather than seams that lie horizontally….

All About the White | All Year Long

All About the White

This is the time of year when I hear all kinds of chatter about putting away the white and bringing out the boots. I’m all about The White….all year long. I’ve always been sort of a “fashion rebel.” Honestly I just don’t like someone telling me I can’t wear white after Labor Day.  Who made up that silly rule anyway? If fashion icon Coco Chanel made white an all year staple then by all means we should…

Oh Kimono | How I love thee..

Untitled #4

I must admit, it took me a while to warm up to this little beauty of a trend. I finally did though and I’ve gotta say I’m just itching to add more to my closet.  The kimono has got to be one of the easiest, most flattering ways to re-vamp your wardrobe; plus it’s a great update to the classic cardigan. And yes ladies, you can totally even rock the look in your 40’s and…

You’re turn! | What do you want?


Hello! Today is catch up day for me. My husband and I decided to take the girls on one last mini-vacay to beautiful Kansas City over the weekend and we just got back yesterday. The girls start school on Thursday, and we still have school supplies to buy and a few more clothing items. Luckily they wear uniforms which makes it incredibly easy to shop for clothes. I thought I’d lighten the “blogging” load a…

Pores Be Gone!

Pores Be Gone!

Pores be gone! I say this often. Pores are my constant enemy. If there is anything I could change about my outward appearance it would be those darn pores. I consider them a four letter word. With that said, our pores do serve a purpose. If we didn’t have them we would suffer from horribly cracked, dry and unhealthy skin. Whatever.  So, its best to just deal with them and try to hide them as…

Oh Mid-Rise!! You had me at hello…

Mid Rise Skinnies

Thank you, fashion world for making fashionable denim for those of us with extra fluff around the middle! The Mid-Rise fit is perfect! I had eyed a pair of middies online a couple of weeks ago. I had them in and out of my shopping cart several times because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to spend the money. Believe me it was a real nail biter seriously, it was. Here’s what I believe: A good pair…

Blogging | What I’ve learned in 28 days

What I've learned about blogging in 28 days

I’ve been blogging for 28 days now, and in this short amount of time I’ve learned quite a bit. Believe me, I know there’s much more to learn and that 5 years from now I’ll look back on this post and laugh. Life is short folks. I’m doing it while I can! So here’s what I’ve learned so far: Image source: 1) There are millions of blogs out there! Geesh…I didn’t know blogging was…

Monday Confessions | The List


Oh so ya thought I forgot, huh? Nope. Just a tad behind. Went to the lake this weekend and water skied for the first time in about 8 years. I also went tubing. The combo takes a lot of back/shoulder/arm strength! This has caused my back to go on strike against me with knots. They make me nauseous and cranky. Now, aren’t you glad you asked? So on to The List. This is the 4th…

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