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The thing about scars. | #livefree

Without my scars, I never would have known the power of the cross and what Jesus did for me that day on Calvary.

  Scars. We all have them in some form or another, don’t we? Scars from accidents. Scars from surgeries. Scars from the past. We have two choices. Hide them, or show them. Some probably should be hidden, while others…should be shown. After Jesus rose from the dead, He came to see his disciples. Thomas was not there. When the others told him that they saw Jesus, he didn’t believe them. I won’t believe until I…

How to have a full heart

5 ways to a full heart

I believe you have a full heart when you feel so extremely blessed at where you are, how you are existing, and what you are doing. I love the month of February. It’s my birth month, but I also just love the theme. Love and hearts. Love is such a strong word. It has the power to resonate so much feeling and emotion. I love that the words love and heart have always been associated…

Mercy & Me

mercy & me

“Are you sure you want her? She’s the littlest.” The little black and white fur-ball slowly ran to me and onto my lap and we became instant friends. “Of course this is the one we want,” and who are you anyway to try and steer us away from her just because she is the littlest? if she’s not good enough. Ppshhh… As we drove home the girls were in the back seat talking over…

You Are | Loved

you are loved

You are loved….so very, very loved. So I have this passion; passion to just speak life in to others and to see them rise up into their purpose and what God has designed them to be. Lately I’ve felt very strongly about this and I believe that for the last couple of years God has been developing and birthing that passion with in me. When we know and are confident in our worth and our…

My Story | Part 4

part four

“I would love for you to speak at our Women’s Conference this year.” Those 13 little words caused my heart to hit the floor because I knew at some point that it would be coming and I was extremely nervous. Yet, God had been preparing my heart for this for the last year. I don’t know why I was anxious I just was. When I hung up the phone I inched down to the floor…

My Story | Part 3

My Story Part 3

Hitting that publish button for Part Two of my story was an extremely scary moment for me. Your response and outpouring of love has meant SO MUCH to me. Ya know, even when you know you’re walking in the will of God, it doesn’t mean it’s not scary. My story is now out there. My failure is out there for anyone to read. I know that it is going to invite a lot of criticism….

My Story | Part 2

my story part2

I had sunk to the lows of all lows. This was my un-doing. The taste of death was on my tongue. The burden of shame was immensely strong and I rarely ventured out. If I did get out, I kept my eyes straight ahead toward my task never looking at anyone in the eye. I felt like I had a giant post-it note attached to my forehead that read “She’s the one.” I would walk into…

My Story | Part 1

my story part 1

My head was in his lap and I was looking up at the ceiling, wondering how I had gotten here. My little girl hopes and dreams were flashing right before my very eyes. My heart felt like it was literally being torn apart.  My husband’s soft hands were brushing away the hairs surrounding my face. “Shannon, do you really think that this is Gods will?” In that moment, that very tiny moment in time, it was…

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