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5 Tips for When You’re the New Girl

5 Tips for When You're the New Girl

As we drove to church, Averee was only an arm’s length away in the backseat, yet it felt like she was miles away. Biting her nails, she stared out the window with wide eyes. I could tell she was nervous. When the church building was in sight, she suddenly planted her face in her hands. “I don’t think I can do this you guys,” she proclaimed through quiet sobs. John and I looked at each other…

When Life is Falling Apart

What to do when your life is falling apart.

Today I’m absolutely elated to introduce you to my friend Micah. I met Micah not too long ago and I can’t tell you the blessing she’s been to me. She is launching her first book in September, and I’m currently in the process of reading it, and oh, friends, you’re going to want in on this! There are moments in life that are so devastating there are no words to utter. You see people surrounding…

What Can Prayer do in Marriage?

3 Important Benefits of Prayer in Marriage

I’ll be honest, I have no clue how married couples survive without God in their lives. Marriage is hard enough with God, so without Him? Geesh. I can’t fathom. For most of my marriage, John and I have relied on God for truth, wisdom, and direction. He has gone before us and He has sustained us. And during the most traumatic time of our marriage, He was there, even when we did not feel Him….

Why Your Friend Needs You Now More than Ever.

Giving your friend space: 6 Ways Your Friend Needs You Now More Than Ever

I felt the phone vibrate in my purse. It was one short vibrate which meant it was a text. “I’m praying for you today,” then a purple heart emoji. A sweet text from my friend. I felt so much gratitude in my heart for her text yet there was nothing really that I wanted to say back to her so I tapped the home button and put the phone back in my purse. I didn’t really…

3 Ways the Enemy Attacks

3 ways the enemy attacks during hard times

The enemy is on the prowl, hoping to attack and devour you. He hates you, he hates your family, and he wants nothing more than for you to fail. It seems grim, I know. But it is grim, it’s real, and it’s the truth. I do believe now more than ever, that God is building up a generation of women who know how to fight. Women who aren’t afraid to fight and women who know…

Furious Grace

Furious Grace

We were about 3 years into the restoration of our marriage when something came over me and it was like I was in an ocean and waves were desperately trying to consume me. They were surely trying to drown me, but not in the way that you think.  Grace like waves. It was as oddly typical morning. I woke up at the usual 5:30 am, made my coffee and had my Jesus time. The girls woke up…

Moving Past Overwhelm


I was tired and weary and just wanted to go back to bed. It was the morning of all mornings. It was jean’s day at the girls’ school. This meant that they got to wear jeans and a t-shirt. But, it couldn’t be just any t-shirt, it had to be one with the school’s logo; and it was a big deal because all of the other days they had to wear a uniform. I was…

5 Steps to Fighting Fear

5 Steps to Fighting Fear | Fight fear

This is the last week (#8) of Summer Sizzle, which features sweet Valerie, from Cord of 6. Valerie is such a gifted writer and her sweet persona shines through her writing.  I’ve been so honored to have such gifted writers during this series! If you missed any of these wonderful posts, here’s a recap: Week 1 featured Deb- How Do We Know We’ve Had a Change of Heart? Week 2 featured Melanie- What Do We…

Dear Friend, You are More than Enough

More than enough- How God is the only one who can fill the hole in your heart.

Hi friends, I know you’ll love today’s post from one of my favorites. Lori is one of the most encouraging friends I know. Lean in, and be encouraged! Some memories are so vivid. Almost as if God locks them into our minds so that in His time, the memory will give us a reflection of His ongoing work. I had been an athlete all my life, but after a career-ending injury my senior year, I…

How to Really Have it All

How you really CAN have it all!

I’m so excited to bring you my friend Marva. Marva blogs over at Sun Sparkle Shine, and she truly does sparkle. She is from the Brittish Virgin Islands and she has a lovely, lull-me-to-sleep accent. Her blog is full of wisdom and inspiration, too. So, enjoy! The myth of having it all. We try. We do. We try and do some more. Then we wonder why it isn’t enough. It’s a hoax, you see. We’ve…

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