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Six Summer Books

salt and light linkup

I’m loving today’s feature! Why? Because I love to read, and I’ve never really posted about book suggestions so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I love Laura’s picks, too. Please check it out before heading over to the link-up. Here are 6 reads for the rest of your summer! Enjoy!

When Darkness Clouds Your Perspective | #FierceFriday

When Darkness Clouds Your Perspective

I always enjoy the view, the works of art, from 30,000 feet.  As the airplane crawls away from the hangar my kids get anxious and antsy, the little adrenaline junkies love the thrill of acceleration, nosing into the sky.  But me, I love the smooth and steady pace of cruising above the clouds and the perspective I gain from there. Recently I was watching clouds out the airplane window and was once again captivated.  The…

Blind Abandon Faith | #FierceFriday

What is blind abandon faith anyway?

What is blind abandon faith anyway? “By the world’s standards, our confidence in God is foolishness. They think we’re a bunch of blind people giving our lives over to what we cannot see. By faith’s standard that blind abandon is the very definition of hope—the expectation of a future blessing based on who God is despite what we see, feel, or think.” Faith and lessons learned. (not) It was a classic Southern California summer day….

When God’s Love is Fierce {Fierce Friday}


God’s love is fierce, and sometimes we’re not fully aware of how fierce it is for us until we look back and see all that it saved us from…especially ourselves. Brutal memories stuffed for the sake of survival began to surface throughout all three of my pregnancies, but most intensely with my last child, my only girl. With the memories of trauma and abuse came great fear. Fear that I didn’t have what it took…

How to Fight Your Fear with Prayer {Fierce Friday}

Fight your fear with prayer!

Fear. My doctor seemed to hesitate, before pressing on the area again. Fear kept me from saying anything. When he moved on I breathed a sigh of relief. The lump I’d felt must be nothing. Yet, I didn’t feel at peace about it. A few months later, I sat on my bed chatting to my sister-in-law on the phone. “I’m not sure if I’ve got a lump in my breast,” I said. “Go and get…

When Gods Plan Exceeds our Dreams

We can close our fists around our dreams and plans and to surrender them to the One who knows everything. Or, we can keep our hands open, palms up, waiting for the adventure He has in store.

I pull the door shut and lock it, feeling the now-familiar clink of the bolt finding its mark. The faint smell of marijuana thanks to the other tenants of the building our company rents- lingers despite the pine scented candles I have burning all the time. Covering each candle, I extinguish their small flames before turning off the lights, locking the cash drawer. I check the time on my phone, and look past those digital…

Losing a Child | Fierce Friday

Tracy's story on losing her child to a Wilm's tumor, how she didn't let the pain make her bitter.

Happy Fierce Friday, friends! Today’s story is heartbreaking, but full of hope and inspiration. Tracy is a #fiercelyHis reader and I so appreciate her reaching out to me to share her story.  I just know you’ll be inspired as I was. a shattered heart. I walked into the bedroom Caleb and Logan shared. It felt hollow, without laughter or play. Logan’s crib was on one side of the room and Caleb’s twin bed was on…

I really wasn’t as fierce as I thought.

God is building up a generation of women how know how to fight!

I don’t know about you, but this series has blessed me in ways I didn’t initially imagine that it would. Honestly I wasn’t as fierce or fiercely His as I thought before this started. I’m thankful for a God who is always teaching me not only through His word, but through women in my life who are wise. Through women who are fierce. Women who are warriors! When I started thinking about and praying about…

Fighting to Know God | {Fiercely His #4}

Do you feel lost? Lonely? Like you are fighting to know God? He is in relentless pursuit of you!

This is the second week of the #fiercelyHis series and your response has been overwhelming. My prayer has been not only for the reader, but for the writer as well -that you both would experience new or deeper healing and that you would be encouraged to live fiercely for Him! The last words I spoke to my dad before he passed away were, “I hope you die and go to hell for what you did to my…

Friendship Struggles | How to confront a friend.

Friendship struggles are real! Do you ever just long for real, authentic friendships? I believe that there are so many lonely women out there who just long for friendships where you can just be you. A friendship that loves beyond flaws and one that fights for the well-being of each other.

Friendship is just hard sometimes, isn’t it? Do you ever just long for real, authentic friendships? I believe that there are so many lonely women out there who just long for friendships where you can just be you. A friendship that loves beyond flaws and one that fights for the well-being of each other. It can just takes work. Yesterday I talked about the simplicity of friendship and how to be a friend. Today I’m talking…

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