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Compliments | Why you should give them!


A couple of days ago someone told me that I was savvy. Savvy. I really like that word. Me? Savvy? I’ll take it! But I really like that they told me I was savvy even better. Savvy:  “knowledgeable, practical understanding, shrewd, intelligence.” I’ve never been told I was savvy before, and it made me feel really good when she told me. I immediately straightening my shoulders. My face relaxed. My mouth turned upward into the hugest…

7 things I learned in February

Things I learned in February

It’s over y’all. My favorite month is over. Bummer. On the flip side, I look back and smile. God was good. He was really, really good. But, He always is! Join me as I reflect on the month.   7 6 things I learned in February.   1.) I like yoga. Well, I kinda like yoga. I like it more than I did last month. Actually…..maybe I don’t like it at all. No I do. I do….

You Are | Loved

you are loved

You are loved….so very, very loved. So I have this passion; passion to just speak life in to others and to see them rise up into their purpose and what God has designed them to be. Lately I’ve felt very strongly about this and I believe that for the last couple of years God has been developing and birthing that passion with in me. When we know and are confident in our worth and our…

My Story | Part 1

my story part 1

My head was in his lap and I was looking up at the ceiling, wondering how I had gotten here. My little girl hopes and dreams were flashing right before my very eyes. My heart felt like it was literally being torn apart.  My husband’s soft hands were brushing away the hairs surrounding my face. “Shannon, do you really think that this is Gods will?” In that moment, that very tiny moment in time, it was…

Have You Lost Your Mommy Mojo?


It’s something that happens to each and every one of us as a Mom. Sometimes things are just ticking right a long, the kids are getting a long, the house is clean, dinner is in the crock pot and things are going as planned. Then, BOOM, everything changes. One of the kids gets sick. You’re high schooler leaves a homework assignment at home so you have to drop everything to take it to school otherwise…

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