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Hey ya’ll! Here we are at week 3 of Monday Confessions. So a couple of weeks ago my precious husband says to me, “Do you think it’s possible that we get new towels?” It was like it was hard for him to ask me. It really was the sweetest thing. I automatically felt very embarrassed. Embarrassed! Isn’t that crazy? To feel embarrassed in front of the man I’ve been married to for 23 years?? I was embarrassed because I realized that I had only bought towels ONE TIME in the 23 years that we’ve been married, and that was only because my girls grew out of their baby towels! We’ve been using the same towels that we received at our wedding shower for TWENTY THREE STINKIN’ YEARS!

Monday Confession:Towels

Come on ya’ll… I mean, who really thinks about buying towels?

Apparently not me. Buying a new pair of shoes is much more fun and glamorous don’t ya think?

So here’s the thing. We’ve lived in 5 houses in the time that we’ve been married. At each house, I’ve upgraded the features in our bathroom. So in this case, how is it that I’ve lived with the same towels for 23 years??  Could I not have “upgraded” in towels as well? One would think. 😉

So I’ve kinda learned something about myself. Well, I guess I already knew this about myself, but it confirms it. I’m not into the details. I like the big picture of things. Not details. Which is so true about me.

What about you? Surely I’m not the only one out there who doesn’t think of buying towels..and if I’m not and there are more like me, what does that say about us? Could it mean that we might be much more concerned with the way people see us on the outside than concerned with what they see on the inside? What can be seen is the beautiful bathroom with upgraded features. What can’t be seen is the raggedy towels being used everyday. What can be seen is the cute clothes we wear. What can’t be seen by the naked eye is what is going on inside our head and heart. I need to go buy new towels. I also need to make sure that I’m focusing just as much (if not more) on what is on the inside of me as I do on what is on the outside of me. Get it? Thank about it!

Until next time, Happy Monday!

I dearly love each and every one of you!



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  1. Haha so true! Not gonna lie, I totally have towels like that! Buying home goods are expensive and towels are the very last thing I think about!

    Thanks for linking up for MMG! And thank you for the sweet email 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    That’s funny I was folding towels last night that we received as a wedding gift as well and thought “hmm when will we get new ones?” Even though they are still holding up well. I know what you mean about not paying enough to details. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger I tend to be more concerned about needing more clothes or shoes for myself when my kids are in need of winter shoes coming up or socks (who wears socks in the summer?) so yes I am a wee bit selfish in my thoughts. But I enjoyed your post. Just dropped by, and am now following you (bloglovin). Rachel of Garaytreasures.

  3. I hear you! I would rather by fun things too. Towels do not equal fun things. However, I have seen nice towels at TJ maxx that I regret not purchasing. Stopping by from the link up!

  4. Annie Malone says:

    I have to admit that towels are actually a big thing for me!! haha. I like them fluffy, fresh and monogrammed. When we moved into our new house, I was so excited about getting rid of all our old towels (we were still using ones with my maiden name on it) and getting new ones!! My husband on the other hand had a bunch of old torn up towels and I either got rid of them or cut them up to use as rags to clean the house 🙂

  5. Danavee says:

    This cracks me UP! Towels are easily forgettable AND EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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