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one stylish mom takes manhattan

Happy Tuesday! I’m so excited to tell you about my recent trip Manhattan!  Now that my girls are older, my husband and I try to take advantage of opportunities to travel together, especially when he takes business trips. We are extremely blessed to be able to do this and it is always a time of “on purpose” refreshing and connecting with each other.  This time, he had business in Englewood, NJ which is a stone’s throw to Manhattan. He left earlier in the week, and I got there on Wednesday evening. We decided to make dinner easy and just go to one of our favorite restaurant chains, PF Chang’s. Although we have a PF Chang’s in our hometown of Tulsa, for some reason we rarely go so it was a fun treat.

On Thursday John had to work so I decided to go into the city (Manhattan) alone. Yes, alone. (Maybe this is where my girls get their independence??) NYC really isn’t as intimidating as you might think. It’s just a big city. With a lot people. A lot of  different kinds of people. NYC is like the melting pot of the USA…and I love it. Honestly I love seeing people of all cultures, socioeconomic statuses, races and lifestyles all in one place. It’s just too cool.

It’s always so hard figuring out what to wear on trips like this.  Comfy shoes are a MUST. Heels just aren’t allowed- not for me anyway! Even though NYC is a fashion mecca, it’s also a place where fashion is fair game! There’s no telling what you’ll see there! So I put my self together, complete with my favorite burgundy MOTO pants and cute comfy sneakers and headed out the door! If you follow me on instagram you’ve already seen a lot of these pics! If you don’t follow me….you should!!

(These are ALL iPhone photos)


I’ve been to Manhattan several times and still haven’t seen it all. It’s so stinking big! I’ve done the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry, Empire State Bldg, etc. So this time I wanted to do something totally different. I knew I wanted pizza, I knew I wanted to find a cupcake shop, and I knew I wanted to do a little shopping.

So I started out on the subway. I LOVE THE SUBWAY. It’s so New York. The subway seems to scare non-New Yorkers. WHY? And why in the world would I take a cab when I can ride the subway for CHEAP you guys and it’s so easy once you know where you’re going. It’s definitely an experience that I love taking every time I’m there! Here’s my subway selfie! Hi Ya’ll!! {{giggling}}


My first stop was Lombardi’s Pizza in SoHo.  Oh. My. Gosh. There is nothing like NY style pizza. I LOVE NY style Margarita pizza. Like…literally, LOVE it. Like in love with it wanna marry it type love!! Seriously.

After that I walked down Spring St and went to a little cupcake shop called Georgetown Cupcakes. Such a cute little place and so yummy!


I had planned on meeting John at the movie theater to see Gone Girl early that evening so I decided to walk up to NYU. It wasn’t that far, and my oldest daughter Alex is  seriously considering NYU for a post-graduate degree so I wanted to take a look at the campus. I took some pics and sent to her. She was major pumped. It’s such a cool campus. It definitely is intimidating though and I really don’t like to think of my little girl living in NY but if it’s God’s plan, then it’s my plan….even if it sucks. Sometimes his plans suck. Just being honest.

After that I walked past Grace Episcopal Church.  What a GORGEOUS building! There was a sign standing in front of the doors inviting those who wanted to “enter, rest, pray.” So I did!  How cool is it to be walking the streets of NYC and stroll past a “doors open, come in and pray” sign. The minute I opened the doors I felt the very real presence of God. It was the coolest feeling. I walked in the massive sanctuary, sat in a pew and just marveled at the beauty of my Lord Jesus and Savior. It was an amazing experience.

one stylish mom takes manhattan

Later that day as I was walking I noticed there was a huge long line of people waiting for something. Turns out that in honor of the “Friends” show 20th anniversary, Warner Bros. thought it’d be a cool idea to open up a pop-shop replica of the Central Perk cafe that was the hang out place on the show. And cool it was! Honestly I would’ve loved to stand it line but it was a 2 hour wait just to get in, and I didn’t have the time!

central perk manhattan


I met up with John shortly after this and we went to see Gone Girl. You can read about that here.

The next day (Friday) John was planning on taking off work early. I almost decided to just stay at the hotel and read a book, but WHO DOES THAT? What normal girl would stay inside a hotel when the streets of Manhattan are calling her name??

So Friday was  is a little funny—I almost did the exact same thing that I did on Thursday. Got on the subway. Went to SoHo. Went to Prince St. Pizza. ( I LOVE PIZZA). I must say….this is THE BEST pizza I’ve EVER had. This place was so local and so New York! I felt a little like Jerry, George and Elaine in the Seinfeld “No Soup For You” episode. Seriously. Here’s a pic of this fabulous pizza for your yummy enjoyment!

one stylish mom

Right across the street was this precious little Cupcake Shop. Oh my. SO STINKING CUTE. I fell IN LOVE with SoHo after this! I got just a plain vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting that was OH SO yummy! Now listen—all these cute little cupcake flavors that they have out now…I mean, I’m all for ’em…but sometimes, ya just don’t need to mess with a cupcake, right? Salted caramel, chocolate ganache, peanut butter, etc… NO. I mean NO. Vanilla and chocolate, chocolate and vanilla please! Don’t mess with the cupcake!

one stylish momone stylish momAfter this I kept strolling the streets of SoHo. I went to several little boutiques and shops. I loved all the street vendors and am totally kicking myself for not buying this cute dainty gold necklace that I saw.  Then, I stumbled upon a movie/TV show being shot. I don’t have any idea who the people were or what show/movie it was..maybe you’ll recognize it??


So that’s it for now! Later that day we went to visit the 911 Museum but that really deserves its own post, so I’ll finish up with that tomorrow!

Have you ever been to New York? What were some of your favorite things to do?

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As always, LOVE YOU!


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  1. Linda Whittenberg says:

    Hi, sounds like you had a great time. Never been to NY but have been to Taiwan, Jakarta, and Bandung. Lots of people, more than I have ever seen in such a small place. Lots of different cultures. That’s maybe how heaven will be when we get there, all different kinds of people and colors. No one is more special than the other. Well guess I will shut up, enjoyed it very much. Linda

  2. Jill says:

    What a fun trip! I have been to NY a few times for work but have never had much time to explore. That church is beautiful and the photos of the pizza and cupcakes are making me hungry!

    Jill recently posted…Getting Decked Out For FallMy Profile

  3. Rachel says:

    Hey Shannon,
    I thought I left you a comment here earlier today but I guess it didn’t publish. I will repeat myself again, but that you just inspire me to want to go to NYC again (although I was five when I last went, so that doesn’t count). The thought of getting on a subway or in a taxi freak me out but you do what you have to do in NY. Everything looks like a treat and I am glad you and the hubby got to get away. God Bless,
    Rachel xo
    (by the way, thanks for linking up today to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”)
    Rachel recently posted…Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me #9My Profile

    • Shannon says:

      Hey Rachel!!! It was definitely an awesome getaway. The subway did freak me out the first time I rode it, especially since my two young girls were with me and a man got on asking everyone for money to help him with medical costs as he had HIV. It was definitely an experience we’ll never forget!

  4. Man, do I miss NYC. That’s my hometown, girl. Grew up in Queens, hung out in Manhattan all the time and worked there too for a little while. NYC pizza is still my favorite kind of pizza no matter what my husband says about me romanticizing the past. I need to go back there with my family one of these days. I’m so jealous. It sounds like my kind of getaway.
    Cynthia @ My Rose Colored Shades recently posted…From Country Chic to City Sleek: Painted Plaid DressMy Profile

  5. Rebecca says:

    A great start to a trip! I lived in the Village for 6 years after university – it is seriously the best neighborhood. Lombardi’s is an awesome place to fall into for your first NY pizza! Another favorite – John’s on Bleecker, I lived down the street from it and it’s deadly. (cash only) Or Arturo’s, on Houston. There’s really no shortage of great pizza in the city, tbh.

    Speaking from experience, NYU is a fantastic school! It’s different from others in that there’s no central ‘campus’ per se – compared to most other schools, where the buildings all surround a central green space or a central unit of buildings. As they say, ‘the whole city is your campus!’ It’s true – but it can be a bit incongruous if you have that image in your head of a college campus. But it does force you to get out and explore, and really get to know the city.

    I’m taking my husband back in December to see ‘my’ New York 😉 I can’t wait to see what’s changed and hit up all my favorite restaurants.
    Rebecca recently posted…Tour Through Blogland || Grateful Heart MondayMy Profile

    • Shannon says:

      Rebecca- Although I have loved every time I’ve gone to NYC, I especially liked this trip because i did things that the locals normally do. It was so fun and relaxing, actually…as if a trip to NYC could be relaxing?? Yet it was! Have fun when you go back in December…such a great place!!!

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