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one stylish mom takes manhattan

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was part of 1 OSM Takes Manhattan-if you missed it you can read it here!

Part 2 begins with me meeting John at Macy’s in Herald Square early Friday evening. Literally the biggest Macy’s I’ve ever seen. The biggest department store I’ve ever seen. Period. I had been to Macy’s NY before, but apparently I didn’t walk through because I never realized it was so big!  After that we went to Little Italy and had dinner and then on to the Empire State Building where we oohed and awed over the views and kissed and hugged and stuff. 😉 We’d been there before, but every time is like the first time with the Empire State Building.

On Saturday we went to the 911 Museum. I am a little leery about writing this because honestly I know that I’m just not that  great of a writer.. I know that about myself …and I feel the 911 museum deserves the very best writing so I will keep it short.

I can only share my experiences and I will do so to the best of my ability.

A huge lump in my throat formed and tears streamed down my face as we walked into this beautiful memorial. There were many around me mourning the death of their loved ones. It was so surreal.

911 Museum


This huge blue wall is not a wall at all, it’s a national tombstone, behind which lie the unidentified remains of those we will never forget. The blue tiles aren’t really tiles at all, but pieces of paper, each in a different shade of blue, reminiscent of the color of the sky that clear beautiful morning of September 11, 2001. It is simply breathtaking.

Throughout the museum were pieces of wreckage that had been collected. Actual beams that were bent because of the impact of the plane were hanging from the ceiling.

911 museum

This staircase is the last remaining structure above eye-level at the World Trade Center site. It is known as the “survivors staircase” because it served as an escape route from hundreds of evacuees. As one survivor puts it “We were going down the stairs to live and the firefighters were coming up to die.

There is a “In Memoriam” section, it’s walls lined with images and names of victims. There are also tabletop computers where visitors can read and hear details about the individual victims.

There is a historical exhibition where I found myself just immersed in that awful day. Timelines that sketch out the way events played out. TV monitors replaying live coverage..  The actual voices of the actual terrorists speaking to the passengers..  Flight attendants calling for help..  Passengers calling loved ones..

I could just go on and on. We were only able to spend about 2 hours there…if we’d had more time, I’m certain it would’ve been half the day.

As I said earlier, it was just surreal being there. I was amid a roller coaster of emotions.

I know I don’t do it justice writing about it and I it made me remember what I will never forget.

The website is a really great, informative website. Go check it out.

Have you been to visit the 911 Memorial yet? What are your thoughts?

I love you guys,


  1. Stacey Bates says:

    Do not count yourself short. You are a writer. Genuine and heartfelt writing that people can relaye to is a gift. People can see through your eyes. It is awesome in its simplicity. We who read it are blessed.

  2. Amy Ann says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip! I can’t imagine the 9/11 museum. I imagine it was really emotional. That’s how I felt when I went to the Holocaust museum in DC. Almost too much to take in.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. Sounds like a great trip – I live in NYC but I haven’t been to the museum yet. I have been planning to go though but I imagine it will be a very tough visit.


  4. I seriously have chills reading this……the blue tile tombstone….I can’t even put it into words…..thanks for sharing this!
    Amanda Elizabeth recently posted…Friday Favorites – October Needs To Be LongerMy Profile

  5. I got to visit the 911 Memorial this last summer and wow, words just do not describe it. I felt as though it was the most peaceful and quiet part of NYC that we visited in the entire week we were there. I am sure the Macy’s was huge! I got to go in the H&M store in NYC and it was awesome, awesome, awesome!
    Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom recently posted…MO’ Cowbell Half Marathon Wrap UpMy Profile

  6. That must have been a sobering experience. I plan to visit whenever I’m able to go back to NYC. I still remember exactly what I was doing that day when I heard the news. Thanks for sharing this.
    Cynthia @ My Rose Colored Shades recently posted…From Country Chic to City Sleek: Painted Plaid DressMy Profile

    • Shannon says:

      Very sobering..:-( I remember too, Cynthia…I had a one year old and she was playing in her Johnny Jump. I’ll never forget it..

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