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When You Feel It’s Too Late

Do you feel like you are just too late? Too late to turn away or turn back? Too much has been said or done? Can I convince you otherwise? When You Feel It's Too Late - Shannon Geurin - Lori Schumaker

Too late? Too Old? Too broken? Too much? I remember looking at the ladies around me. Beautiful. Joyful. They radiated a life lived with Jesus. They knew Him so well. And me? I felt like I missed something. And I was just too late to find it. Are you in that place? That place that feels too late? Too late to put the past behind you and meet Jesus for the first time? Too late…

Ways I Love You | The Love Letter #2

Ways I love you. A monthly love letter to my husband.

Life is too short. I know that these letters are cheesy. And I really don’t care. Our lives could be cut short in an instance. I want to live like that my life could end tomorrow. Hey babe, Crazy month, huh? We survived. One more month and we’ll be home free, yes? I know what you’re thinking. Your worried. Worried about Averee. Will she acclimate well in Colorado? Will she be able to make friends? Will she…

My God is bigger, and I can prove it.

God is huge. He's infinite. Every part of life begins AND ends with Him. He is eternal. He's BIGGER than your fear! He's BIGGER than your doubt and unbelief! He's BIGGER than your mistake! SO.MUCH.BIGGER. He's BIGGER than your shame. He's BIGGER than your disease.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I look back at the way God has carried me over the years. He has carried me during my darkest times. Times when I couldn’t feel Him. Times when I questioned whether he even loved me.  Listen friends, if He can heal me and bring freedom to me that He can do the same for you! We serve a big God my friends, and if you need proof today, I got…

The Invitation

The Invitation. Jesus is asking, but will we go?

The Invitation This has the potential to be a really long post so I’ll do my best to keep it short. {update- it isn’t that long, and your welcome}  I mentioned to you last week that I’ve been challenged in my faith lately. Let me explain that just a bit. I’m in a season where things are just changing. God is all about shaking things up and rocking my little world all the way around right…

I pick you, faults and everything! (Jesus Picks YOU)

I (Jesus) pick you, faults and everything!

I pick you. -Jesus.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the 13th disciple? I’ve often wondered what was going through Jesus’ mind when he picked his 12 disciples. Each one of them was so different from the other. One was loud and obnoxious. A couple wanted the lime-light and wanted to be “first” at everything and wanted to be the closest to Jesus.  One was a liar and a thief….and…

The ONE thing that will make you brave

When you depend on God you experience freedom from worry and fear. This causes you to be brave. Real bravery is depending on GOd.

Brave. It’s a word that makes women everywhere sparkly and giddy because it’s something that we all wish for. It’s like something that’s so far out of reach for us. It nudges at something deep within, because if we’re brave, it means that we’ve achieved and conquered, right? It’s independence. Heroism. Valance. Confidence. Courage. It’s all those words that would make us a better wife. A better mom. A better woman.   What if I were to tell you…

But If You Say So | When Obedience is Hard

when obedience is hard

What to do when obedience is hard:   I’m sure there was a lot of doubt streaming through Peter’s mind When Jesus asked him to let down his nets after a hard night of fishing without results. Even so, Peter said “But if you say so.” I’ve read this passage of scripture so many times and each time it causes me to wonder why. Why did Peter respond that way? He was a master fisherman?!…

How Are You?

How are you?

  So, how are you? I was at a women’s gathering around this time last year. It was a tough day. It had been a tough week. I had gone to the restroom and while I was washing my hands a dear friend walked in. “How are you?” “I’m fine, How are you?” She didn’t accept my answer. “Shannon, seriously, are you okay?” “No, no I’m not.” I then began to share with her what…

March | Learns & Loves

March learns and loves.

March is gone! With that said, I think it’s important to take some time each month and look back to evaluate. Here are my learns and loves for March:   It hit me that in less than 8 weeks my first born will complete a major milestone in her life.  She will graduate high school. It’s sneaking up on me. I can’t believe it’s almost here! That’s all I really have to say about that….

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