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How to Breakthrough with your Faith to Become Fierce.

How to breakthrough with your faith to become fierce.

How to Breakthrough with your Faith to Become Fierce. When I say “fierce” what are your thoughts? Beyoncé, America’s Next Top Model, or Tyra Banks? What is the definition of fierce? According to Urban Dictionary, fierce can be related to fashion or confidence. Those heels with that dress are fierce! Your confidence is fierce! When Beyoncé gets on the stage, many will say she is fierce. Is it her confidence in her slender figure? Her…

Fiercely Loving My Perfectly Imperfect Mom

Fiercely loving my perfectly imperfect mom. A story about a mom and her adult daughter.

Fiercely Loving My Perfectly Imperfect Mom In John 13, Jesus said, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” Jesus set the bar pretty high, didn’t He? At first glance, it seems like He is asking a lot of us. But if you take a moment to dig deeper, you will discover the true beauty of this passage. When we learn to be…

You Need God’s Fierce Love When You are Broken

You need God's Fierce Love when you are broken!

  You Need God’s Fierce Love when You are Broken. I thought I could write about this. No problem. Then I sat and stared at my keyboard. I’d write a few sentences and then hit delete. Try a few more. Nope. And this went on for hours. I finally realized the problem… I am not fierce. Oh sure, I’ve had my moments of fierceness. I’ll fight like anything for my husband, kiddos, or grandkids. But…

Finding Peace Behind the Pain | {Fiercely His #12}

Is there peace behind the pain? Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. My Savior is no stranger to the pain I feel. Did He lay down and give in? No! He stood strong and pressed on in His Father’s will for Him. I began to see . . . I should too.

Is there peace behind the pain? I can’t remember a time when I didn’t hurt. Some days the pain is bearable. Some days it hurts to breathe. I’m a military wife and mother to three very energetic little boys who rarely slow down to accommodate mom’s aching body. Medically speaking, I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, bursitis, costochondritis, and osteoarthritis . . . and I am only 33 years old. My doctors have given up and…

How to Surrender when you want to Defend| {Fiercely His #11}

It's hard to surrender when you want to defend. And sometimes it’s good to stand up against evil. But other times, God’s will is for us to remain silent.

How to Surrender when you want to Defend.   I don’t know about you, but something deep inside me cheers victoriously when Jesus rises up against the Sadducees and Pharisees. I want to shout “Amen!” through a great big bullhorn while He admonishes that brood. Maybe that’s a wrong attitude. But dealing with bullies is exhausting. And hearing the Lion of Judah’s roar is empowering! And while I’m being honest, I also would have loved…

Fight for your Calling. | {Fiercely His #10}

Fight for your calling! What is God calling you to do? Sometimes we have to fight for that calling. We have to fight for what God is calling us to do. Even when that calling, that dream, that hope is buried so deep down that it's barely still flickering to stay alive. You have got to purposely and intentionally lift your head every single day to where your help comes from and DECIDE to be willing to obey. DECIDE to say yes to God.

“Saying yes to God is never easy, and always comes with a fight. But we say yes to Him wounded and weak with the promise that His Grace is sufficient for us and His power is made perfect in our weaknesses.  A fierce woman is a surrendered woman.” My journey of living perfectly weak began with over a decade of disappointment and hurt. When you start out ready to take on the world for Jesus…

How to be Fierce & Forgiving at the Same Time {Fiercely His #9}

How can we be fierce and forgiving at the same time? All of us have relationships, friendships, and situations in which we get wounded. Even fierce women get hurt. How do we handle the pain? Here are some very wise and practical steps you can take to forgive those who have hurt you and move on with your life!

I’m a really private person. If you were to talk to my closest friends, they’d tell you this is true. I typically keep my personal info PERSONAL! But, my friend Shannon prompted me to share more freely today.   It happened many years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember embracing my precious friends one final time. I remember pulling out of the long driveway of that brand-new, specially crafted, beautiful…

He Is Our Fierce

He Is Our Fierce. I’d been depleted – broken and emptied of self, reduced to what I am unto myself: nothing. So, I stepped outside the comfort zone, to the front of the line with Christ as my full covering. My fierce was nothing without Jesus. He is my armor, answer, and antidote. When we speak in His name, we have power. The devil is not amused by Christ’s fierce; he is terrified at the sound of His name.

He is Our Fierce I couldn’t comfort her.  I racked my maternal mind and came up empty. My words fell lifeless; they meant nothing.  I sought His face, pleaded with the Father to take away her fear.  I read His Word to her.  It brought no comfort, only an otherworldly longing and questions I couldn’t answer. “I just want Jesus to come back so I’m not afraid anymore.  I want to be in heaven.”  …

How I Fight to Keep my Marriage Strong|{Fiercely His #7)

We have to fight for our marriage. Fight the good fight of the faith, and take hold of the eternal life to which we have been called when we made our good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

How I Fight To Keep My Marriage Strong I’ve been married to my best friend for 20 years! And friends, let me tell you, our marriage hasn’t been easy! It’s been hard work. There have been times when I honestly didn’t know if we would last. Times when I just wanted to give up because it was hard and painful. But now I’m so thankful for the healing I see when I look back. I…

Fighting for a Heart of Forgiveness | {Fiercely His #6}

Fighting for forgiveness: God made women with fierce, protective, mama bear instincts, for a reason. It’s sin that can confuse us, causing us to pick the wrong fights. I thought I needed to fight against some circumstances I couldn’t control- and when I saw that I couldn’t win, I became bitter. The rightful fight was against the sin in my own heart, the sin of bitterness. God was on my side in that fight. That’s why I won- and victory has been very sweet.

Fighting for a Heart of Forgiveness I never thought of myself as a fierce woman until I had kids.  The depth and ferocity of my feelings, when I perceive something as a threat to my children, came as a surprise to me. Instinctual. Mama bear. Fierce. As a young mom, the first time I saw another little kid push over my daughter on a playground, I got a little glimpse into what kind of fierce…

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