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Why I am Fiercely His

Fiercely His is something that I am passionate about and I'll explain why.

“What does it mean to be Fiercely His?” Someone asked me that question the other day and if I were completely honest with you, it stumped me. It stumped me? Good grief it’s the tag line to my blog and it stumped me? Any author, writing coach or literary agent would tell you that’s a big no- no. Because ya better know your stuff and what you stand for in the writing world. Maybe it…

Fighting for my child | {Fierce Friday}

A story about a mothers strength in fighting for her child.

It’s #fierceFriday today! I’m so honored to bring you Carmen’s story about her son, sweet Malachi and the life-threatening surgeries he endured during the first couple months of his life. You’ll want to grab some kleenex! As I stood outside of the two large sliding doors that were wide opened the team rushed into the room taking their positions. Each person knew where to stand, what their duty was, what tool or instrument to reach…

When change is hard.

We will all go through change at some point in our lives. Here are 4 truths to remember when change is hard.

I think we can all agree that sometimes change is hard. I’m all about change. I like easy going. Shaking things up a bit. Doing things differently. I could annoyingly go on but you get it. We made the transition of moving from Oklahoma to Colorado exactly 14 days ago. It’s been a hectic month. We moved our oldest little into her first year of college at a private christian university in our hometown of Tulsa. 4 days…

How to Stay Confident in a Difficult Marriage {Fierce Friday}

How to stay confident in a difficult marriage.

Hello friends! Today’s #fierceFriday writer is Leah Grey. If you are in a difficult marriage, I encourage you to sit back and lean in! Leah has a powerful story! “I sat in the dark thinking about what life would be like after being divorced for a second time. I quite liked living alone. Being a perfectionist, living alone suited me just fine. My house would stay in order. I could cook whatever I wanted for…

Better Than Restored

Restoration in marriage is hard. Sometimes you’ll want to quit, but if you’ll just hang on, you can be fully restored. In fact, your marriage can be better than restored, no matter the circumstance!

John and I have been better than restored in our marriage for about 5 years, and I’m telling you, it wasn’t easy. Restoration in marriage is hard. Sometimes you’ll want to quit, but if you’ll just hang on, you can be fully restored. In fact, your marriage can be better than restored, no matter the circumstance!  I’m so honored to share over at Sarah Koontz blog today. Sarah is one of my absolute favorite writers and…

Adoption: Fighting Fiercely | {Fierce Friday}

5 things adoption taught me about fighting fiercely

I remember the day I first saw her face. The big brown eyes, the curly black ringlets of hair around her head, and the smile sprawling across her tiny face. Something about her spoke straight to my heart. In that moment I knew she was ours. The Holy Spirit moved as I’d never before experienced. This was the child God had hand-picked for us halfway around the world. You see, long ago, God had created…

When You Feel Small


He Sees You Jesus, please take the wheel. I was on my way to church, gripping the steering wheel as if I was hanging on for dear life. The girls woke up cranky.  The oldest refused to wear the outfit I picked out and the littlest pooped all the way up and out of her diaper which caused me to change her outfit not once, but twice. Great start to the day. That frazzled piece of hair that…

Sugar Droplets | Fierce Friday

Don't be so focused on your circumstances that you can't see Jesus.

Criss-cross, applesauce. So, here I am. Here, sitting alone, crisscross applesauce in the Orlando airport with my gigantic headphones on. I am waiting for my sweet family so we can reunite with big bear hugs and spend a week together on a “magical” vacation. My flight got in early; theirs is coming in late, you know the drill. A year ago today, I started a brand new chapter of my life. After graduating from Oral…

When Life is too Busy for God

Sometimes we go through busy seasons and we think we are too busy for God. If we are rooted & grounded in Him, we can survive those seasons.

“Before you get to thinking that I’ve fallen off the proverbial spiritual wagon please know that I haven’t. I don’t think that not having focused time with God means that I’m going to hell in a handbag. While I wish for more focused time, and I think it’s necessary and important, my relationship with Him is still strong, if not stronger than ever.” Life is busy. This morning I am just breathing. Life lately has…

I really wasn’t as fierce as I thought.

God is building up a generation of women how know how to fight!

I don’t know about you, but this series has blessed me in ways I didn’t initially imagine that it would. Honestly I wasn’t as fierce or fiercely His as I thought before this started. I’m thankful for a God who is always teaching me not only through His word, but through women in my life who are wise. Through women who are fierce. Women who are warriors! When I started thinking about and praying about…

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