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Be Bold – Share Your Story

Share Your Story

It felt as though I was convulsing on the inside. The anxiety was crippling as it twisted back and forth in my belly. The words I had practiced over and over in the wee hours of the morning threatened to stay locked up tight where safety ruled. The urge to bite my cuticles was overwhelming because it felt like the only relief that was available to me at the time. It was the moment of…

My Positively Lovely Story| #fierceFriday

You are positively Lovely

It’s #fierceFriday (yay)! and HI GUYS! It’s been too long, I know. I’m just about settled here in beautiful Colorado. It’s been extremely challenging and I’ll save the details for later, but today let’s just be fierce, okay? If you have a #fierce story to share contact me! People need to read your words! Positively Lovely I remember the night everything fell apart like it was yesterday. I’d just come home from a long swim…

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