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Salt & Light Link-Up

salt and light linkup

Hey there! So glad you’re here for this week’s link-up. You can read today’s feature over at Married by His Grace. Enjoy reading!

How to Fight for Your Broken Marriage

Fix your broken marriage. Is your marriage broken? Is so broken that you think it's beyond repair? Here are 10 important steps that you can take to fix your broken marriage.

There’s a question that I get asked often, and I’ve been asked so many times over the last couple of years, that my answers lately have seemed canned and monotonous.  This week it’s as if God sucker-punched me when I received an email from a reader. I get many emails a week, and this one was different, yet just like the many I’ve recieved. The writer of the email had a desperate tone. She was hopeless…

Encouraging Others

salt and light linkup

Happy Thursday! Today’s feature is Misty Phillip of By His Grace. I love how Misty inspires others by encouraging them that they were made for more. Be sure and check Misty’s post out before reading or linking up! <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”ShannonGeurin” width=”125″ height=”125″ /> Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML Alisa Nicaud Website | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Carmen Brown Website…

4 Things to Remember When You’ve Made Mistakes in Marriage

Mistakes Women Make Marriage #mistakes #marriage

Oh, how I get you. If you work from home, you’re probably still in your PJ’s and your hair is up in a messy bun because you’re on day 5 of no shower. If you work outside the home, the fake smile that is plastered on your face can’t stay much longer and soon people are going to start wondering what’s up. There’s an unwelcome tension that seems to linger between you and your husband and you don’t know…

Difficult Relationships & Salt and Light

salt and light linkup

Hi, Friends! Today is going to be short and sweet but I’m so excited to feature Gretchen Flemming for today’s #SaltandLightLinkUp. Gretchen shares about difficult relationships, something we all can relate to at some point or another. Be sure and check out her article before linking up.

Grace: The One Thing That Never Changes

Grace never changes. It's the one thing that never changes in our lives. #grace #change

Change. Bleh. I mean, who likes change? Whether you’re fine with it or not, change sometimes just sucks, let’s be honest. But I love this truth from today’s feature, Sarah. “When the season’s of life change, God’s grace remains. When the winds of change blow, God’s grace remains. When we are on the ground, fearful of the future and weary from the past, God’s grace whispers, “Get up and fight.” She continues, “The only way to thrive…

Stop Saying “I Can’t Forgive Myself”

How Do I Forgive Myself?

“How do I forgive myself?” What I did was too bad. My sin was just too big and I can’t forgive myself.” Oh, girl. I get you, I really do. I’ve said that exact phrase so many times I’ve lost count. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that my eyes were opened and I finally understood. The bottom line is this: I can’t find any where in the bible that tells me I have to forgive…

Trusting God Amidst the Storm

Trusting God amidst the storm

One of the things I love about America is that she fights. Her spirit is brave. When disasters strike she stands tall, firm, and she survives. But hurricane’s Harvey and Irma certainly left their crushing, devastating mark on the residents of Houston, Florida and the Caribbean, didn’t they? I, like many others who don’t live near the affected areas watched the television in horror at the aftermath. Homes filled with water, debris, and sewage. Lives seemingly destroyed….

Grace: The Right Way

salt and light linkup

Grace. It’s my very favorite-ist of all favorites. I love today’s feature so much because Michelle talks about grace so beautifully. “The Bible says they’ll know us by our love for one another. I want to be that person. I want to be the one like I’ve heard myself saying of them, “this person has to be a Christian.” There’s no other explanation for their behavior. For their clear love for people.”- Michelle Skillern We should all strive to be…

A woman and her calling.

A woman and her calling. Fight for your calling. YOU are called.

No matter what we’ve been through, or what we face, every woman has a calling. Not only does she having a calling, she has it within her to be FIERCE about that calling so that she can be the woman that she was designed to be. The woman this world needs her to be. Step out of that comfort zone, and into His boldness. Because with His courage, you can make wise choices to change your…

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