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How to Stop Self Defeating Thoughts

How to Overcome Self Defeating Thoughts

I never thought I’d be a writer much less write a book. I knew how to write essay’s in high-school, and I’m fairly good at grammar, but although that’s real nice, it doesn’t make someone a good writer. There have been times on this journey of mine that I’ve almost given up. Sitting down at my silver laptop and writing words that I knew were there, have at times felt impossible. And that led to…

3 Ways to Stand Firm in the Faith (Linkup #2)

If you don't stand firm in your faith, you'll fall for anything. Here are 3 ways to stand firm!

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Ever heard that quote? While it’s a true and positive quote and is used quite frequently in secular media, I prefer to say it this way “If you don’t stand firm in theĀ faith, you will fall for anything.” It’s true, isn’t it? Satan does his best work when we’re not standing firm, and if we’re not careful we will find ourselves succumbing to his schemes…

Why Being Part of a Tribe is Important (S & L linkup #1)

Being a part of a tribe is important. Here are 4 tips to help!

Being a part of a tribe is important. Did you know that we were created for relationships? We were created to be seen, known and loved! Friendship with women is like a sisterhood. It helps us belong and be known. It fuels creativity, strengthens, and grows us. We go deep instead of stay to the surface. This is very powerful because when we go deep in friendship it forms a bond and is a force…

How Being a Mom Has Drained Me

Mom-ing can be very draining, and sometimes we're drained until there's nothing left. Things like impatience, hate, bitterness...being a Mom has drained me of those things and I'm grateful!

It’s true, being a Mom has drained me. You get it. We give and give and give. There were days when mine were younger that I didn’t even want to get out of bed. It wasn’t that I didn’t love them; it was just that I had no energy to give. Watching one more episode of Teletubbies made me want to scream. Making sure they had breakfast and homework finished seemed like torture. I couldn’t…

The Amazing Struggle

The Amazing Struggle: The lessons in life we learn come through our struggles

The past year (or so) has been ridiculous (crazy is my definition of ridiculous) and the struggle has been real. God never promised us life would be easy. He DID promise us that He would be with us every step of the way. 2016 was certainly the year of struggles. Here’s my list: I struggled when I shared my story with the entire freaking world. {God gave me the words to speak} I struggled when…

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