Overcoming in Marriage


Overcoming in Marriage

Last week me, my husband and daughter went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant. He had just arrived home after a week-long business trip. As we got caught up on the week’s events I couldn’t help but notice the sweet elderly couple sitting across from us. They both had years of wrinkles splattered across their face that seemed to carve a map of their lives together.

Years of happiness, adventures, and utter heartbreak no doubt were some of the paths on their map.

They were a beautiful couple. I could tell that they loved each other deeply and did not take each other for granted. As they got up to leave, being frail and fragile himself, the man helped his wife up and they grasped hands, each helping each other walk out of the restaurant.

Aside from going to heaven, they had made it. All of the good and bad times had brought them to that moment.

There’s no doubt that this couple had gone through hell to get to where they were.  Because you see, that’s life.

Overcoming in Marriage

About 10 years ago my marriage was severely broken. It was so broken, that those around us just assumed that it wouldn’t survive. There was just no way that it could overcome the devastation.

And honestly it probably wouldn’t have if it would have been left up to just me and my husband. We were too weak. Not strong enough. Every ounce of might that we had disappeared like vapor in the wind.

The damage was too much. The betrayal too deep. Hearts that were once whole were shattered into a million tiny little pieces.

And there was no hope.

Today I’m a guest writer over at Flourishing Today.  I’d love for you to follow me over there as I talk about how John and I overcame the most devastating circumstances in our marriage!


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  1. Pam Rickner says:

    Love this Shannon! So glad you all stuck it out and did the work to make it. As I am getting ready for my yongest daughters wedding in a couple of weeks I so regret that we weren’t able to stick it out. It seems magnified right now! Oh I wish things could change!

  2. Lux G. says:

    Such inspiration this is. Thank you for sharing. Makes me consider getting married. 🙂

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