7 things I learned in February


It’s over y’all. My favorite month is over.


On the flip side, I look back and smile. God was good. He was really, really good. But, He always is! Join me as I reflect on the month.

Things I learned in February


7 6 things I learned in February.


1.) I like yoga. Well, I kinda like yoga. I like it more than I did last month. Actually…..maybe I don’t like it at all. No I do. I do. I really don’t. And I’m not trying to convince myself – I don’t hate it, so that means I like it. Right? I’ve heard that if you stick with it, it’s the absolute best thing you can do for your body. Not sure that’s true, but it sounds good.  Yoga can be very.., um.. boring. And, on occasion, as I’m doing warrior one, I’m thinking oh.my.gosh. when is this going to be ooooover?? But, I like it. I don’t do.

2.) As a mom, I’m still cool.

Thank the Lord. 

We went to Denver a couple of weeks ago to start searching for houses, and while we were there we took the girls to a Troye Sivan concert. He’s a newer artist and a popular you-tuber. We wouldn’t let them drive there alone so we dropped them off and we went to eat dinner nearby in Cherry Creek at Del Frisco’s Grill. Cherry Creek is a really neat restaurant and shopping district in Denver. We took a cute little walk and it was great.

3.) About that trip to Denver- if I don’t unpack my suitcase right after I return from a trip, it’ll sit there for a month. That’s not really something I learned, I just thought I’d throw that in.

4.) If you do what God asks, he will be faithful. I’ve always known that, but this month He refreshed my memory. I love re-learning things don’t you? This was my most favorite thing to (re)learn! You know my journey, and part of it has been sharing my story for the world to see. I was fearful yet I wouldn’t let that stop me because I KNEW I was following the leading of the Holy Spirit. And He has been faithul…so so very faithful!

5.) I finally found a foundation that I love! Love so much that I’m on my 3rd bottle. That’s rare folks. I’m extremely picky about my foundation. In a weird sort of way. I’ll tell you that it’s pricey, but worth it because not only is it a beautiful finish, but the bottle lasts forever.  It’s SPF18 so it protects from the sun. It’s very liquidy and takes a bit to get the hang of applying it but it’s easy to get used to. I also love the way it smells!

Yves Saint Laurent Fushion Ink Foundation.

Fusion Ink

6.)  I finally found something to help my cuticles!  Which, it’s a good thing because..well..my poor fingers! Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream is the best! Seriously. So healing. I wish I didn’t pick at my cuticles! I’m not an overly anxious person y’all. I mean…those that know me, can you give me a shout out? I’m not, right? I’m pretty laid back. Easy-going. Right? I’m not a weirdo either! Yet why do I do these things? Is it a habit? Addiction? Maybe I have an addictive personality? Do I overly worry? I don’t think so??

I need to simmer down.

and if you didn’t laugh at that one, what is wrong with you try this one.

Seriously a couple years ago I sought out a therapist that maybe could help me figure out why I did this, and she just sort of looked at me like I was odd. Looking back on this I laugh. I told her that typically I get acrylic nails to keep me from picking and she just said, Yeah- keep doing that. Um, ok,<eyes swaying side to side> thanks for your help?? ANYWAY- thank you Mary Kay! I’ll keep you updated!

7.) I thought it was going to be hard when my oldest graduates from high school. I learned yesterday that it’s not going to be hard watching her graduate.., it’s going to be really, REALLY hard. Harder than usual because we are moving and she is not. This fall she will be moving to the dorms at ORU in Tulsa and we will be moving to Colorado.  I cleaned out my girls’ closet yesterday as I was getting ready to have our home listed to sell. I came across all of her cheer uniforms. Lord help me. I don’t wanna talk about that now though…I will later.

That’s all for this beautiful 1st day of March. Enjoy your day and thank you for reading! What did you learn in February? Go back and reflect on the month if you haven’t already.

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