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Happy #fierceFriday y’all! Alisa is my guest today. Alisa is a Louisiana girl through and through and she even has the accent to prove it. She blogs over at Flourishing Today and is stuffed full of wisdom. Enjoy!

Death is one of life’s harshest realities. It has the ability to produce grief, fear, doubt and a myriad of other emotions that can leave us isolated and locked up for years. It’s deep wounds can leave scars that are constant reminders of what could’ve been, but will never be. Yet there are times when out of death, comes new life.

I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels—a plentiful harvest of new lives. John 12:24

It was 5am and my phone was ringing. I couldn’t imagine who would want to talk at that hour. As my husband handed me the phone, I could tell in his eyes is wasn’t good. “Alisa, your father was killed in a car accident last night.” The words pierced my soul like a bullet in the chest. It was like a bad dream that I couldn’t be awakened from. Thoughts of grandkids he would never meet and special moments he would miss flooded my mind.

He was a good man who served others to a fault.

Why would God allow this to happen?

I struggled with these thoughts for weeks. I grew up in church learning that God was good and that He loved me. Yet at this moment, I saw no good that could come out of this. Each day seemed to grow dimmer as grief and fear settled into what seemed like their permanent home in my heart and mind. I couldn’t seem to get passed the hurt and pain.

I wanted so badly to believe that God was real and that He would show up on my behalf. I will never forget this moment. I cried out, “God if you are real, I desperately need you to show up now!”

And He did.

I wiped the tears away and I felt something telling me to go to Home Depot and get some flowers. I had never planted anything before, so the thought seemed ridiculous. Nonetheless, I went. I got some soil, flowers, a shovel and some gloves. I headed home with my trunk full and my heart open to whatever this feeling was leading me to do. I began planting the flowers all along the side of my house. As I dug up the dirt, I sensed that something new was about to take place. If only for a moment, I felt a ray of hope for the future.

Difficult situations can teach us invaluable life lessons if we seek God in the midst of them.

Hard situations teach us invaluable life lessons if we seek God in the midst of them. @alisa_nicaud #fierceFriday Click To Tweet



A month or so later, my mother in law came for a visit to help with my small boys. I knew she saw my pain. But more than seeing, she knew what I was going through. Her mother had died when she was young as well. As we sat down to breakfast one morning, she told me something that began to challenge me to rise up and overcome the emotional state I was in.

“Alisa, maybe you should start a Thanksgiving Journal. Each day write down one thing you can be thankful for. Even if it’s thanking God you have breath that day.”

A few days later, I began my journal. What began as an exercise to overcome, rekindled a love for writing. I journaled my thoughts, my feelings and my desires. Several months later, through divine relationships, my husband and I began attending a local church.

It was there that I gave my heart to Jesus.

I knew He was real, He had shown up for me months before. I realized it was Him asking me to plant those flowers, it was Him giving me the hope for the future. But it wasn’t just for a moment, but for a lifetime. He often reminded me of those flowers. They were a symbol of the new growth He was doing in me. Over the next few years, He began digging up all the hurts from the past and planting His Word in their place.

He was doing a new thing in me. He was giving me a new start, a new life in Him.

Although losing my dad was one of the most difficult times in my life, God used it for my good and His glory.

My salvation came out of his death.

Healing came out of his death.

God will never waste one ounce of our pain. #fierceFriday @alisa_nicaud Click To Tweet


Maybe your going through a difficult circumstance right now. Perhaps your feeling alone, afraid and hopeless. Friend, God has a great plan for you. He wants to bring healing to every area that causes you pain. He wants to touch those places that you’ve built walls around and bring victory into your life.

That’s why Jesus came, that we may have new life in Him.

As we seek Him in the midst of our pain, we will see Him show up in ways we never imagined.

alisa-nicaud-sidebarA native of Virginia, Alisa Nicaud currently lives just north of New Orleans, LA with her husband Philip Nicaud, their five children and their dog, Roux. She owns a boutique coaching practice and is the founder of the blog, Flourishing Today. Through her own tragedies, Alisa is intimately familiar with the struggles of anxiety, fear, insecurity and depression. Alisa’s willingness to be transparent gives her a unique advantage in relating to women from all walks of life and leadership. She freely shares helpful hints and practical encouragement rooted in Biblical truth in her posts and resources. Her passion is to equip women to overcome any limitations preventing them from leading a flourishing life. You can learn more by visiting her blog at www.flourishingtoday.com

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  1. Julie says:

    Alisa- so sorry to hear about your Dad. That must of been so difficult. I love how you stepped up in action to God’s prompting to plant the flowers.
    This post is such an encouragement to the hard times life throws at us.


  2. Alisa says:

    Thanks, Julie! It just amazes me how God speaks to us and prompts even before we know Him intimately. He’s always pursuing us. ❤️

  3. Dearest Alisa, my heart breaks for you ready this post! But you are so right— nothing is ever wasted with our God! He uses every little thing for our good and makes beautiful things out of rubble and ashes. Love your heart and thanks for this encouraging post. XOXO

  4. Alisa says:

    Thanks, Lauren! It was such a difficult time, but God is so faithful to use that pain. I can’t even count the times He’s used that pain to help someone else going through something similar.

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