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I was in a huge hurry but had to get one last thing before leaving the mall the day it happened. I needed to run in to Sephora to get some Dr. Jarts Black Label Detox BB creme. I LOVE this stuff. It’s great to wear during the week when I really don’t want to put a lot of make-up on. I literally apply it the way I do moisturizer. Easy peasy! It’s lightweight but yet it tends to cover all the imperfections that I so truly detest.  I had been using a trial size that I ran out of on this day. It was 2:30pm and I had worked out that morning so most of the make-up I had put on that morning was all the way off.

The Sephora sales clerks are always so great. I love it because they are there to help when needed, but when you want to just shop and look around they don’t bug. I’ve been known to spend hours there just looking and trying out products. Anyway, I walked in and asked where the Dr. Jart products were.

“Follow me,” said the beautiful clerk with the stark white face, ruby-red lips and blush-pink cheeks. I quickly followed.

“I’m looking for the BB creme,” I said.

“Which one? They (Dr. Jart brand) have several to choose from.” She started telling me the differences between them all.

“I’ve been using the Black Label Detox and really love it!” I began telling her how I hated my skin and how much I loved the Dr Jart product for daytime use.

“You don’t have anything (make-up) on right now, right?” She said.

I was quickly made very aware of all the flaws that bug me. I looked down. “Oh.., well, I put on some of the last of the Dr Jart but that was early this morning so it’s probably all off now.”

This is when it happened.

She looked dumbfounded. “Your skin looks great!” “It isn’t at all what you think.” She looked at me and said this as if there would be no reason for me not to believe her. Like, I would be stupid not to believe her.

And for some reason, I did. I believed her. I gazed at her for what seemed like an eternity until huge crocodile tears started forming, and I quickly looked away as if trying to remove an eyelash from the inside of my eye.

That sweet angel with the stark white face, ruby-red lips and blush-pink cheeks will never know what she did for me that day; and I’ll never forget.

The funny thing is this: My amazing husband tells me I am beautiful all the time. Have I just never believed him? Maybe I just always felt like it was something he was “supposed” to say? Why had what this woman from Sephora said effected me so much? Maybe it was because she is a woman? Yes I am certain this is why.

I’ve always hated my skin you guys. It’s actually something I’ve always been super insecure about. I have always longed for smooth, pore-free skin. I’ve beat myself down for YEARS about this. It took me 38 years (I’m 42 how) to be comfortable with ME. I’ve never really thought of myself as “pretty”, or “beautiful” in a vein or self-absorbed way. Like, I have never felt like I have natural beauty. But I do feel like I am pretty and beautiful because God made me. Despite all my flaws I am beautiful because of HIM. So, when this sweet Sephora clerk with the starkwhiteskinrubyredlipsandblushpinkcheeks said that to me it just meant SO MUCH to me because she made me feel like I have natural beauty. Make sense? I don’t know how to explain it..hopefully you get it.

Watch this.

Right Now.

I don’t care if you’ve already seen it, watch again.

Every one of us needs to save this video and watch it several times a week. Did you know that only 4% of the women in this world think that they are beautiful? Gosh this makes me beyond sad. Why are we as woman so dang hard on ourselves??? I literally SOB every time I watch this. I just don’t want any woman to EVER feel like she isn’t pretty…and it makes me cry to see the lady with the short blonde hair talk about her pictures….but yet, here I am, thinking that way about my own self. Wow. How hypocritical of me?

Can I just offer up a challenge for all of us?

Every day tell at least one woman you come in contact with that she is beautiful. If not this, at least tell her you love her hair, her outfit, or her make-up. Tell her she has beautiful skin. (Since I wish for beautiful skin so much,  I make sure to tell others I see with the skin I so desperately long for that their skin is beautiful!!) Tell her that her shoes are to die for. Give her something you guys. If this is something you’re not comfortable doing, than START GETTING COMFORTABLE with it. And then start questioning WHY you aren’t comfortable doing it. (That’s a whole ‘nother blog topic.)


Yes, inner beauty is most important. With that said, EVERY GIRL longs for outer beauty. We just do. That day, I realized that I had to stop being so hard on myself. I believed that I had natural, outer beauty. I’m a fairly confident can ask anyone that knows me well..but I don’t know, my outer beauty isn’t something I’ve ever really been confident about. And it’s okay- I mean, I’ve been okay with it. Well… I don’t know…I thought I was okay with it, until the day it happened.

I totally gave you a glimpse of my vulnerability today but I just felt it was something I needed to do. There are times I write about  things just because they are fun, then there are times I write things because I feel strongly led to do so. This is one of those times.


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  1. Christina says:

    love this. And I see your picture, you ARE very beautiful!

  2. Christel says:

    So love this post. I try really hard each day to say something nice to the ladies I come in contact with. My dad did a question survey in college and one of the questions was “All woman”…. His response.” Are beautiful in some way.” I have held on to that piece of paper for many years and many reasons. He was right we are all beautiful in some way and I think we need to know it. Thanks for sharing Shannon.

  3. What a very awe-inspiring post Shannon! You are really beautiful inside out – keep it up!!!

    Red Tag Chic Los Angeles recently posted…Fall FinallyMy Profile

  4. Thank you for this post, Shannon. It’s amazing how critical we are of ourselves. Why is it that we always focus on the negatives when God made each one of us special and beautiful in our own way? I do notice that people become more (sometimes less) beautiful physically once I get to know them, which shows that what’s inside matters more. ~Cynthia
    Cynthia @ My Rose Colored Shades recently posted…Playing Dress Up with Golden ToteMy Profile

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