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These four little words from my Dad were some of the most life-altering words for me several years ago. Shannon, you have to fight for your marriage. I knew he was right. I knew that I needed to fight…and I’m so glad I did!  Marriage can be one of the most beautiful relationships you’ll have, but it is one of the hardest to maintain. Because it isn’t easy. Marriage is hard. You will have trials, you’ll…

How a Broken Engagement made me Fiercely His

broken engagement1

I’m so honored today to bring you my new friend Brittany! Oh you guys. Lean in. When I initially read her words I got chills. She’s got a word for you, I promise! a broken engagement I awoke to a splitting head ache and swollen eyes. I laid in my bed, vacant of any strength to do more than stare at the door. Pain flooded my heart as I remembered the occurrences of the previous…

Overcoming in Marriage

Overcoming in Marriage

Last week me, my husband and daughter went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant. He had just arrived home after a week-long business trip. As we got caught up on the week’s events I couldn’t help but notice the sweet elderly couple sitting across from us. They both had years of wrinkles splattered across their face that seemed to carve a map of their lives together. Years of happiness, adventures, and utter heartbreak no doubt…

Loving your Spouse Well During the Teen Years

loving your spouse well during the teen years

When John and I got married a little over 25 years ago we had no idea what we were getting ourselves in to as it regards to parenting. And I would guess that most couples feel the same. Marriage can be hard, yes.. but parenting? Ugh.. And how about parenting two teens…that just happen to be girls.  Oh, God. <Literally> And we’ve got two of them. Hone, tly we wouldn’t trade them for anything but I would…

Finding Joy Podcast: Rising Up

Finding Joy Podcast w/Shannon Geurin

You guys! I’m so honored to be a part of the lovely Lauren Gaskill’s Finding Joy Podcast today!  Finding Joy is a podcast dedicated to bringing you encouragement and inspiration in all of life’s moments — the good, bad and everything in-between. I absolutely love Lauren. She’s adorable and the kinda girl that you can just easily talk to. It’s a gift that she has. Click here and it will take you to her website…

How to Stay Confident in a Difficult Marriage {Fierce Friday}

How to stay confident in a difficult marriage.

Hello friends! Today’s #fierceFriday writer is Leah Grey. If you are in a difficult marriage, I encourage you to sit back and lean in! Leah has a powerful story! “I sat in the dark thinking about what life would be like after being divorced for a second time. I quite liked living alone. Being a perfectionist, living alone suited me just fine. My house would stay in order. I could cook whatever I wanted for…

Better Than Restored

Restoration in marriage is hard. Sometimes you’ll want to quit, but if you’ll just hang on, you can be fully restored. In fact, your marriage can be better than restored, no matter the circumstance!

John and I have been better than restored in our marriage for about 5 years, and I’m telling you, it wasn’t easy. Restoration in marriage is hard. Sometimes you’ll want to quit, but if you’ll just hang on, you can be fully restored. In fact, your marriage can be better than restored, no matter the circumstance!  I’m so honored to share over at Sarah Koontz blog today. Sarah is one of my absolute favorite writers and…

The One Whom My Soul Loves

I have found the one whom my soul loves.

The one whom my soul loves… After a year of planning, hoping, and dreaming, the day had finally arrived. She in her mother’s wedding dress of Chantilly lace and he in his shiny black tuxedo were just babies at the ages of 19 and 20. They sang love songs and made vows of promise and love and death. All of the anticipation had come to one final conclusion of everlasting love. Then after, they walked…

6 Powerful Truths you need to know about Forgiveness

Are you struggling to forgive in marriage? It's not easy, but it CAN BE POSSIBLE with God! Only God can help you forgive when you are struggling,

Happy Wednesday Morning, Friends! I’m excited about today’s post. My new friend Alison approached me several weeks ago and asked me to pray about writing an article about brokenness and forgiveness in marriage for her month long relationship series “Let’s Talk Relationships.” I was extremely honored because Alison is one of those bloggers that I quickly fell in love with when I started this journey. I view her as someone I wanna grow up to be like…

How Fierce Love Changes Everything

How fierce love changes everything!

It’s fierce. This love. It’s very, very fierce. Jesus has done so much for me. He saved me. Literally saved me. I can’t even remember what it was like when I became a believer of Jesus Christ for the first time. I was very young. I kinda just grew up knowing Him. And I loved Him with all of my heart. But then this happened. About 8-9 years ago I fell into a trap. This…

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