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It’s #fierceFriday today! I’m so honored to bring you Carmen’s story about her son, sweet Malachi and the life-threatening surgeries he endured during the first couple months of his life. You’ll want to grab some kleenex!

A story about a mothers strength in fighting for her child.

As I stood outside of the two large sliding doors that were wide opened the team rushed into the room taking their positions. Each person knew where to stand, what their duty was, what tool or instrument to reach for and where to put it.

It was 26 hours after his second surgery that he had within 32 hours and once again he was not responding.

My beautiful, four month old baby was laying there helpless with a body that was rapidly swelling, dropping oxygen to 60% and a heart rate passing the high number of 220’s.

At that moment I was a mother standing in despair near the entrance of his ICU room. How did it turn so bad so rapidly? How did we go from conjuring one situation of taking him off the breathing tube to forty-five minutes later, him suffering to breath again?

I looked towards my four-month old son lying in the hospital bed fighting with a handful of people standing over him. All I could do was selfishly think he has to fight alone this time. It’s been the most emotionally three months I have ever had and my strength is now non-existence.

I saw a team answering to their calling. Standing tall, speaking confidently and in sync with one another. Their voices and answers were in rhythm. Their feet were planted solid in the ground. Their arms were stretched out crossing one another from one side of the bed to the next working strategically in accordance with one another. Their hands and fingers were steady. Nurses were on standby behind each doctor encouraging the team and ready for instruction. The lead supervisor was shouting out vitals every few seconds.

Moments later one of the members stepped out of his position. He stepped towards me but stopped three feet before me. He stretched his hand out and spoke words to me that nearly broke me!

“He needs to hear your voice, mom. He needs you tell him he is strong, and that you are here.”

What this surgical resident that was assigned to my sons team in ICU did not know was that from the womb the Lord gave me a scripture to pray over my son:

You are strong and courageous, do not tremble or be dismayed for your Lord God is with you wherever you go!

As the surgeon gave me instruction again to speak encouragement to my son, I connected eyes with him in dismay and cried,

“I can’t.”

A story of a mothers strength in fighting for her child.

He rushed back to the bedside to assist.

My husband was standing at the foot of the bed as he watched the team of 8 medical members and 3 nurses rushing in and out of the door with more supplies and responding to instruction. My husband was hurting and was watching in fear.

It was my first time as a wife to watch him tremble.

Even so, his head was up high, and his lips were speaking payers. He was afraid but he was fighting!

I carefully walked back into the room and to be honest, I was in total fear. I stood next to my husband. He grabbed my hand and told me, “Do what the doctor said. He needs to hear your voice.” I wrapped my arms around my husband and cried and said, “I can’t do it. Not this time.”

I felt if I asked my son to fight then I was coming to the reality that he needed to fight and that scared me.

My husband looked down at me and told me “You are stronger than you think, now tell our son he is strong!”

I couldn’t do anything but repeat the verse that the Lord instructed me to pray over my womb everyday.

“You are strong and courageous, do not tremble or be dismayed for the Lord God is with you wherever you go.”
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The more I repeated the verse the more I was reminded that God was in the situation just as the scripture said. I gave my son to the Lord the moment I acted in obedience and prayed that specific scripture over my womb.

The revelation later came to me: Yes, I am to teach my son the importance of the scripture for his life, but the Lord also gave it to prepare me for that moment while I was trembling and was dismayed by the thought of the “what if’s.” 

He gave it to me for the next moments over the next four months that we were about to embark. He had prepared me before we had even started the journey. I was already praying and speaking the scripture out loud daily to myself and my son since he was just a few months old inside of me.

The moments we as a family had to endure through the past year have not been easy, it’s been a struggle each day.

Why our child?

Our baby boy came home with extreme medical needs. We also had other children to care for. My husband and I knew that the only way to get up each day and face the enormity of our situation was to seek Him. To take heed to the words He was giving us because those words were giving us preparation and confidence to continue on.

The words were reminding us He was there, and we were not to leave our position just as those doctors did not leave their position by our son. As long as we were there standing tall and fighting fiercely we would see that the Lord would never leave.

And he never did.

Carmen is a fighter! #fiercelyHis

Malachi was born with a redundant colon. Today he is healthy and whole and completely done with surgeries. Carmen and her husband know that Malachi is a miracle! Today their family is busy with 4 wonderful children. Click here to read more about Carmen’s story and sweet Malachi. 

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Carmen is a woman chasing after God. She is passionate about encouraging women to live in Christ. She is also passionate about building a home full of mercy and grace. She is a wife and mother to four beautiful children that keep her drinking coffee constantly. Carmen blogs at Married by His Grace. You can also connect with her on



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  1. What a painstaking situation that was overcome by the power of Jesus. Thank you for sharing your story about the fight for your son Carmen. The scripture you prayed over him is beautiful and I’m so happy that your little boy is healed 🙂

  2. Lux Ganzon says:

    Oh, my heart.
    What a story! Incredible and powerful.

    Thanks for sharing!

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