Have You Lost Your Mommy Mojo?


It’s something that happens to each and every one of us as a Mom. Sometimes things are just ticking right a long, the kids are getting a long, the house is clean, dinner is in the crock pot and things are going as planned. Then, BOOM, everything changes. One of the kids gets sick. You’re high schooler leaves a homework assignment at home so you have to drop everything to take it to school otherwise she’ll fail. Even something as little as running out of milk can cause us to lose our mommy mojo; or our spark as a mom. Going through a slump in mommy hood can be painful, and if not dealt with as soon as it starts, it can cause a cycle that is hard to break.

Getting that mommy mojo back starts with YOU. You are the common denominator. We’ve all said it, “if only he/she would obey,” or “if only I could get a housekeeper,” “if only there were more time in the day.”  There’s always going to be an “if only.” And it doesn’t matter what age your kids are. Losing that mojo can happen when they’re young as well as when they’re older and in middle/high school.

My dear friend: YOU are a warrior. YOU are brave! And you’re a good Momma!songofsolomon47 You gave birth to that little darling, remember?  My gosh do you realize what a feat that is?? Giving birth to a human being is the epitome of strength! But don’t you worry…if you are a mom with an adopted child, I will say even from lack of experience..that’s an equally, if not an even more amazing show of courage and bravery! You are strong, you are brave. Get on your feet Mom! GET ON THOSE FEET you warrior!

Here are 5 things you can do RIGHT NOW to get that mommy mojo back:

  1. Try to be the first one up in the mornings. Spend some quiet time preparing for your day and making a schedule. I know this can be very hard, especially if you have young kiddos, but try it. For me, this is precious time that I spend with Jesus reading my bible and just praying and talking to Him. Sometimes I also do devotions. I make an hourly schedule for the day. Sometimes things go as scheduled, sometimes they don’t. Learn to be ok with it if they don’t.  If you’re not a morning person, why don’t you give it a try? There is nothing like waking up while everyone else is still asleep. There is a calmness and serenity that I always look forward too. If waking up earlier just doesn’t work for you, then make sure you do this at night when the kids go to bed. Mommy Mojo/ One Stylish Mom
  2. Do something fun for YOU. When my girls were little and not in school, I would pack them up and go to the mall. I would make sure I went in between nap times and I’d just walk around and push them in the stroller. It was a fun time for all of us because I always made it a treat for them. There was a Panera Bread Co. in the mall at the time, and I would get them a “bread sliced” cinnamon crunch bagel to eat while we walked around.  A lot of times they would fall asleep and it was like heaven. Now that they are middle/high school age I  take a day in the week and just do whatever I want to do. Sometimes I go eat at a full service restaurant and go see a movie by myself. That may sound odd to you, but it’s just something that I like to do! Find something you love and do it. It doesn’t matter what you do, just make sure it’s  ALL ABOUT YOU.  You are being a positive role model for your kids when you take time out for you. It shows you are caring for yourself.Mommy Mojo/One Stylish Mom
  3. Find a mommy group to join. As a young mom, it was a big deal for me to have a moms group where I could get advice and share stories.  Now that my girls are older, a Mom’s group isn’t that important, but I love connecting with mothers with kids the same age as mine, so I seek mom’s like that out and try to have lunch occasionally. We’re all in this together y’all. It’s so much easier doing mommy-hood with other mom’s!
  4. Say the word NO more. You don’t have to do it all!! You have NOTHING to prove. When someone asks you to do something whatever it may be;  always, I mean ALWAYS ask yourself, “what is it going to cost me?” What’s it going to cost for you to volunteer at that church activity? What’s it going to cost for you to volunteer at school?  Sometimes it isn’t worth the cost. My family is my priority. Their happiness is my priority. I realize that I am the glue that holds my family together. And you are too! The saying is very true : When momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! I have to be very careful with what I volunteer for. I am very selfish with my time as it pertains to my husband and my girls and I don’t make apologies to anyone for that. Volunteering for everything  isn’t worth the unhappiness of your family. I’m all for serving and volunteering, don’t get my wrong…but I won’t do it at the cost of my family. Been there, done that…and it’s not worth it! If you’re volunteering so much that your kids become cranky, or you become cranky,  then STOP. Get that Mommy Mojo back/One stylish Mom
  5. Let it go. Girls listen to me- sometimes you just need to LET IT GO. Things do not always have to be perfect. You’re house doesn’t have to be perfect. You’re kids don’t have to be perfect. Sometimes it might be a “we’re gonna eat cereal for breakfast, lunch AND dinner” day. AND THAT’S OK. Don’t be so hard on yourself, okay? And STOP COMPETING with other moms. I see you out there, being competitive.  Be confident in who YOU are as a mom.  YOUR KIDS CAN SEE YOUR CONFIDENCE.  You’re kids will grow up being confident and secure when YOU are confident and secure. As I said earlier, we’re all in this together and we’re all just learning as we go. We’re going to make mistakes…mistakes help us grow. So- LET IT GO.

Get that mommy mojo back! One Stylish Mom

I love you Mom’s!  You are smart, you are kind, and you are beautiful. Most of all- you’re a good Momma! NEVER forget that.


  1. Rachel says:

    What an awesome post and so applicable- haha as a mom it took me exactly two days to finish reading this but I couldn’t agree more with what you posted. Thank you for the encouragement and advice here. God Bless,
    Rachel xo
    Rachel recently posted…Introducing our family fall photos and photographer Cary ElizabethMy Profile

  2. Jill says:

    Thank you for posting this! I loose my Mom mojo all of the time lately. This is great advice!

    Jill recently posted…Pumpkin DipMy Profile

  3. Awwwww you always come up with the most inspiring posts Shannon!!!

    Red Tag Chic Los Angeles recently posted…Snakeskin and Leather :: Spotlight Weekly Link UpMy Profile

  4. Laura Kent says:

    Truth, from the heart of a momma. Thank you. It’s so truly – competition is such a deadly enemy. UGH. Thank you for the encouragement! I love you!!!!

  5. one of the reasons i started my blog was to help my mommy friends who had kinda given up on themselves. great tips!
    Ellesees.blogspot.com recently posted…A DeclarationMy Profile

  6. Amy Ann says:

    I am not a mom, but man do I still identify with a lot of this. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement. Can’t wait to see your beautiful face!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  7. I’ve lost my mommy mojo dozens of times. And it’s during those times that I realize I’ve been relying on myself too much and not on God’s grace. I’m working on #1 and #5 and I always make sure I do #2, it’s so necessary! Thanks for sharing this, Shannon! Great post! ~Cynthia
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