Lock Eyes with Jesus


What does it mean to lock eyes with Jesus? To lock eyes with the One who saved your soul? It simply means that you have such a connection with Him that every part of you aligns with Him. He is the key and you are the lock. A key serves as security for access to a locked area; only persons having the correct key can open the lock and gain access. You are very aware that He truly is the only fit.

It means that although hard times may come, you have such a connection with Jesus that you do not waver. You know He’s got you. Your eyes are locked in with His. You have clarity. You’re life isn’t perfect, and you face difficult circumstances, but you KNOW whose you are. You are confident that to Him you belong.

What does it mean to "lock" eyes with Jesus? To lock eyes with the One that saved your soul? Find out here!

Lock eyes with Jesus.

I love Peter.  He was a fanatic. An extremist. Everything he did, he tried to do with uncompromising pursuit. One of my favorite stories of Peter is when he walked on water.

Can you just visualize the scene with me? Peter is in a boat full of random disciples. He sees a man walking on the water coming towards them. At first they are all afraid, but Jesus reassured them. Peter said, Is that you Lord? If it is, tell me to come to you on the water. I’m betting that Peter could be annoying sometimes and I can just see it. I’m giggling as I visualize that the other disciples were probably thinking; seriously, Peter?

Come Peter, Jesus said.

And Peter was just crazy enough to do it. He climbs out of the boat and starts walking on water. The wind was blowing very hard and the waves were rocking. Did he not realize how treacherous the weather was? Nope he didn’t, because his eyes were locked in with Jesus. So, he gets out of the boat and starts on his path.

While he’s walking he has this ah hah moment… he suddenly realizes there is wind and waves.

Wait! What am I doing?

He lost his focus.

I can just imagine Jesus in this situation. Of course He sees it coming.

No-no-no Peter.. calm down! Peter?! Look at me! Lock eyes with me Peter. Right here. I can see him take his pointer and middle finger and turn them toward his eyes. Look at me Peter!

I’m right here Peter. Look at me.

Lock eyes with me, Peter.

It’s the look I have toward my girls when we have serious moments of nonverbal communication. One of my daughters used to deal with anxiety from time to time. She’s hasn’t had an episode like this in a while, (praise Jesus for healing) but one time we were at a large event with other teens and parents. To protect her privacy I won’t go into detail, but it was a high anxiety event for her. We weren’t able to be together and were left with only our eye contact across the room. I wanted to let her know that I had her. I’m with you, sweet baby girl. I was intent on finding her eyes. If I could just find them, and lock them with mine she would be okay. I wanted it such that when she moved her head this way and that, my head move the same way and we would lock eyes. Once our eyes locked there is nothing that could keep me from communicating with her because of our connection.  My heart would resonate through my eyes and I could tell her:

It’s going to be okay.

You’re okay.

Breathe. Look at me.

Just breathe.

Similar situation with Jesus and Peter. Only thing is that after Peter started walking he wouldn’t look at Jesus. He was too concerned about what was going on around him. Too concerned about the wind and the waves. He lost his focus.

And he fell.

And sometimes, it’s the same with you and me.

But here’s the thing— Jesus was there to help him up and He’s there to help us up too!

Lock eyes with Jesus.  No matter what is going on around you.

Lock eyes with Him, and keep them there.

When your 3 year drops to the floor in a screaming fit in the middle of the grocery isle. You are mortified. You are certain you would throw this child against the wall if  you could. You feel like a terrible mother. You feel like you don’t even deserve to be a mother.

Keep your eyes locked on Him.

When you’re running late to work and you get pulled over by police for not coming to a complete stop at the stop sign. You can’t afford another ticket. You can’t afford another late day at work.

Keep your eyes locked on Him.

When you wake up with a pimple the size of Texas on your nose and you put your favorite pair of jeans on and it takes 15 minutes to get the top button buttoned. You feel fat. You feel ugly.

Keep your eyes locked on Him.

When you’re a single mom of kids that are driving you insane. Taking them to practices and games by yourself. Carrying the burden of raising them into upstanding citizens by yourself. 

Keep your eyes locked on Him.

When the last words you hear at the end of your day at work are, “I’m sorry but we have to let you go.” You are the primary breadwinner in your family. You keep food on the table.

Keep your eyes locked on Him.

When you’ve found out that your spouse has betrayed you.  You have lost hope and you literally can not take it.

Keep your eyes locked on Him.

Lock eyes with Jesus

So how? How do I lock eyes with Jesus?


  1. Focus on who God is. Who is He? He’s our savior. Redeemer. Comforter. Living hope. Rock. Father. Guide. Help in time of need. Peace.
  2. Focus on who we are in Christ. We are his children. We are loved. We are a royal priesthood. We are safe in His protection. We were bought with a price!
  3. KNOW Him. Soak yourself in His word to the point where you can’t get enough. A lock KNOWS every part of it’s key. It has it memorized. Know your savior! Know the one that redeemed you! Spend time with Him!
  4. Focus on His promises. He will never leave or forsake us. He will never put anything too hard on us that we can not bear. He is author and perfector of our faith. He will never waste our pain. He will pick us up when we fall. Every good thing comes from Him. HE IS COMING BACK!
  5. Be a light.  Our world is a dark, dark place. And ya know, it’s only going to get worse because that is what the Bible tells me. It is full of hurting people. Have the heart of a loving servant that extends way beyond your scope of ministry at a church. Love your neighbor even when it is hard. Give even when you have nothing to give. Be kind to everyone.  Shine— not so others will see you, but so that others see Jesus through you.

What are you going to do to keep your eyes locked on Him? What is it going to take?

What are other ways we can lock eyes with Jesus? Any ideas? Leave them in the comments! I love hearing from you!

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  1. MIcah Murray says:

    Thank you for this encouraging word. I am going to be in His Word more today and spend some quiet time waiting on Him.

  2. Sheila says:

    Shannon~ This was beautiful! It is so true about keeping our focus. The enemy is doing everything within his will to distract us from our purpose, but when we lock into Jesus we know we are safe and secure. Keep sparkling for Jesus….Thanks for being my Jesus Glitter today!

  3. Kimberley says:

    Thank you for sharing. This is a great reminder.

  4. Shannon,
    This was my first visit to your site and I loved what I found here! This post is fantastic! I am going to use that line with my children. Instead of the “Focus on Jesus”, “Lock Eyes With Jesus” is so much better!

    I’ll be sharing this everywhere!
    Blessings and smiles,

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