March | Learns & Loves


March learns and loves.

March is gone! With that said, I think it’s important to take some time each month and look back to evaluate.

Here are my learns and loves for March:


  • It hit me that in less than 8 weeks my first born will complete a major milestone in her life.  She will graduate high school.

It’s sneaking up on me. I can’t believe it’s almost here! That’s all I really have to say about that. I’m not really ready to talk about it right now. Just being honest. Yes I realize that I’m being dramatic.


  • My coffee cup addiction is legit. 

I love coffee and I love cups. Therefore I really, really love coffee cups. Each day when I go to pour my morning coffee, the coffee cup I choose means something to me. I know, I know…it’s silly. I’ve got coffee cups that friends have given me as well as coffee cups that I acquired at Starbucks and others. They’re all kind of a big deal. With that said I still need to update. I’ll do it when we move.


  • My girls are completely different, but after running a complete DNA analysis, they really do have the same parents. 

My oldest loves to be at home. At times she would much rather be with family than go to a party with friends. But when she went on a missions trip last year, she rarely contacted us. In fact, it kind hurt my feelings. I wondered if she even missed us? My youngest is the exact opposite. She would much rather be hanging out with friends somewhere else than be at home. However- when she went on her missions trip over spring break, she texted us as much as she could. It reminded me of how she was when she was little and would start spending the night with friends over night. We would always have to go get her in the middle of the night because she was either scared or crying. I love that my girls are each uniquely wired by the Holy Spirit. Jeremiah says it perfectly.I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and… Click To Tweet

Oh- and I was kidding- I didn’t run a DNA analysis. 🙂


  • My oldest has an excellent sense of direction.

While my youngest was on a missions trip, the rest of us went to New York.  John was working while me and Alex were just hanging out. While I feel I get around in  New York pretty good on my own, my oldest blew my skills out of the water. She’s got mad GPS skills. Here’s a little snippet of our trip:

  • My youngest has the purest heart around.

She was privileged to go on a missions trip to Grutemala over spring break. This picture pretty much sums up her trip and says it all. I love my Averee Grace.

March Learns and Loves


  • Snapchat has a really cool filter that fades out flaws.  

It’s possible that if I post a picture on social media, I’ve used that filter first. No shame here. Let’s face it. I’m over 40 so I have some wrinkles. Not only that, I’ve told you before that my skin isn’t my favorite feature. Even so, it’s me. I’d never do plastic surgery to permanently alter my face, but if I find a filter that covers flaws up I’m all about it!


  • I love that the story of Easter will never become just another bible story for me. 

I learn this every year after Easter. We were able to go to an Easter production over Easter weekend and it completely tore me up as it does every year. Oh how I love Jesus.


  • I’m loving this book.

I’m honored to be on the author Suzie’s launch team. Oh my dear friend- this book is a good one. It’s not out right now, but IT IS available for pre-order. Go to her website and download the first chapter for free!

March learns and loves

March Learns and Loves.

Your turn:

What were your own March learns and loves? What book are you reading currently?


  1. Anne says:

    Our daughters seems so similar…the oldest has a love of being home and with family. She loves her friends but also loves some downtime. My middle daughter will go and go and go nonstop. Loved watching your NYC video. SO much fun! And by the way? You and your daughters? Total beauties!

    • Shannon says:

      Thanks Anne! It was fun videoing part of our trip. And thank you for your compliments!! My daughters are beauties, I agree! xoShannon

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