My Story | Part 3


Infidelity and restoration typically aren’t usually used in the same sentence, are they? Because isn’t it impossible to be restored after infidelity strikes a marriage?  I mean, that’s what the world says, isn’t it?

Well, my story is different.

Mine is a story of fear, betrayal, heartbreak, and Jesus. And the latter is the most important part.

You can download my story here!

How my marriage survived infidelity

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Loved today’s blog Shannon! God’s grace and love is so amazing!
    Keep it up…your making a difference I promise!

  2. Judy Ashmore says:

    Shannon, you touch my heart so deep.
    My heart breaks for those who were
    Condemned so much that they never
    Returned to Jesus.
    We should all e on our knees begging
    For forgiveness
    Love you and you bless me beyond words.

  3. Kayla Nelson says:

    Beautiful. That’s all. This is so beautiful. I am loving reading your heart. I love sharing vulnerability. What a beautiful gift. You are wonderful.

  4. Caroline says:

    Hi Shannon,
    I am new to your blog and loved just reading your story! Wow! Thank you for being courageous to share for it is in sharing we help each other grow and walk each other toward home. I think it is important to note how we as Christians need to recognize there are none righteous, not one. I loved how you drew that out with your own personal story. I have a story too. We all do of course, for this world is broken. I, a ministers daughter knew shame and quilt as well and still to this day, if I share my story, some Christians have questioned how I could have sinned in such a way with my upbringing. It stung the same as with you. I, still 30 years later, felt shame in that moment and struggled to work in putting that remark and pain in its proper place. Yes, we should judge right from wrong as your Dad spoke truth in your life in that moment, but I believe we all forget the command to love in speaking truth. This story is a good reminder for all of us. I have been guilty too in holding other sins over others, though my sin that has been forgiven was great as well. Pride gets us every time. I was thinking this morning before reading your post about how we should be quick to forgive and to be sure to walk in love. God is Love. The simple truth something many of us learned as a child yet something so difficult to fully grasp.
    I am so thrilled you learned the beauty of that in a new way through your pain. His love is awesome. I am still learning too. May the Lord bless you for sharing your story. It is hard and painful to do so and I have been contemplating for years to share mine. You are an inspiration. Keep it up, you are touching lives for HIS GLORY!
    Much love to you!

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