Not Your Typical Mother’s Day tribute.


First things first.

Guess what? 

Eeek! My fists are curled up in excitement and they’re covering my mouth and I’m just giddy!

John agreed to guest post for me! It’ll be coming SOON. So watch out for it! Now..onto today:

This is Not Your Typical Mother’s Day Tribute.

This isn't your typical Mother's Day tribute. It's not focused on giving advice, a top ten list of the qualities of a good mom or even my own mom.


This is a different kind of Mother’s Day tribute. I’m not going to give you mom advice, a top ten list of the qualities of a good mom, or focus on my own mom.  Instead, I want to focus on my girls.

My daughters.

My littles.

My beauties.

I know. I know Mother’s Day has passed. I’m a mom everyday though! I wanted to write this post last week but I just didn’t get the time so I thought what the heck, I’ll just do it this week.

My girls are everything I’d ever dreamt for them to be as young ladies. Are they perfect? Of course not. In fact, there are many times I’d like to just throw them out of the car window. I’m kidding. Not really.

Just so ya know,  I never have. 🙂

But they are just really good girls. We’re blessed. By the grace of God, the only real problems that they’ve ever given us is their attitudes at times. 🙂 and I’ll take it! I am such a blessed mamma!

I wanted to keep it short today simply because there’s so much going on in my house these days.

My girls have been my greatest teachers aside from Jesus and and my husband thus far. They’ve taught me patience and love and joy. They’ve taught me courage and wisdom. They’ve taught me how to persevere. If we allow it, our children can be our greatest teacher. Click To Tweet

So, when I say Mother’s Day is really about them, I mean it with everything in me. Without them, I wouldn’t be a Mother. Without them, I wouldn’t have eyes to kiss, cheeks to squeeze and lips to smack.

Without my kids I would be a different person. They make me…well the make me, ME.

And let me just add something about my own Mom. She is written ALL OVER this post. Her thumbprints are all over me and my girls. She is the one who taught me that my girls could be my greatest teachers. Our kids give us the perfect opportunity to change and grow. Click To Tweet

I’ll end it there. Take a minute if you can to watch my little video. My girls will probably say that it’s cheesy, but deep down they will love it.

Life is way too short. I don’t take it for granted. Everyday I want my girls to know the love I have for them. So, I decided to make a little tribute video for them. And by the way, why is it that most tribute videos are made when someone dies? Why not make one for them while they are still alive?? Just a thought…

Love you guys!

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  1. I am so with you on this! Being a mum has changed me on every front! And what a gift that has been — but not one bit easy!

  2. Deb Wolf says:

    I love this, Shannon. I used to buy my kiddos small gifts for Mother’s Day. I’d tell them I wouldn’t be celebrating without them. And yes, we are mom everyday no matter how old they are. Blessings my friend! BTW – I love it when Rev guest posts too. I’ll be watching!

  3. Beth says:

    I have to say I’m always a little envious of moms of daughters, Shannon. I have three grown sons ages 20 thru 26. But I’m still waiting for the sensitivity gene to kick in! 😉 Well, I see it in my oldest and it’s really throwing me for a loop! But I love your heart for your girls and I also love the fact that you see the fingerprints of your mom upon your daughters as well. Just beautiful!

  4. Jerralea says:

    What a beautiful tribute! You are so right, we wouldn’t be moms without our kids so why not show them a little love during Mother’s Day season as well.

    Parenting is the toughest job you’ll ever love, that is for sure.

    Thanks for sharing at The Loft!

  5. Alisa says:

    Shannon, this is awesome! I love that you highlighted your girls as a Mother’s Day post. I couldn’t agree with you more- my kids have been some of my best teachers. 😍 Have a great week!

  6. loved it. You are a gracious, funny and more than a good mom. Can you adopt me? Oh by the way I’m 61 so no house breaking. lol Blessings, Chris

  7. MELANIE REDD says:

    What a sweet post, Shannon!
    I, too, learn so much from my kids. They are some of my greatest teachers for sure!
    Sharing this post all around.
    Hope you have a great day today!

  8. Dawn says:

    Oh, my…tears. I’m so emotional today! This was the sweetest video and tribute to your beautiful girls. My girl is 17, so I get all those feelings of both immense pride…and maybe wanting to throw someone out the window (at times). ; ) Children are such a gift from God.

    • Shannon says:

      Aw thank you Dawn! Ive been SUPER emotional lately too…ugggh… and you’re so right..they are definitely a gift from God!!

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