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Guess what??!!! On Tuesday night my two girls, one of their friends and I went to the One Direction concert at the BOK center in my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was seriously one of the most energizing, fun, and happiest concerts that I’ve ever been too. We were able to score tickets on the 2nd row right in front of the stage! To top it off, there were 5 seats on the front row that were open so the girls were able to just move up there for the entire concert. WOWZERS. How did we score those seats you ask? Well let me just tell ya- me and my husband BOTH got our laptops out the day tickets went on sale as if we had nothing else to do.

Because believe me, we DID have other things to do.

Will our children ever know the things we go through for them?

Ok so we, along with thousands of other people were on the computer doing the same darn thing at the same darn time. Thus, what we had planned to be a 15 minute thing turned in to a 2 hour ordeal because everybody was trying to get good seats AT THE SAME TIME. Good grief. But, we got some good seats! 2 hours later and stressed to the MAX we got some really good seats! At that time we didn’t really think it was worth it.


SO here they are, those thousands of other beautiful not so beautiful the day tickets went on sale people waiting in line for the doors to open to the concert. And here we are, just happy to be there with those beautiful not so beautiful people.

One Direction

Now, let me just say I may have been just as excited about this concert as my girls were. But, I think my excitement wasn’t so much as about “the concert” itself, but at the fact that my girls were so excited. Make sense? Actually maybe I was a teeny-tiny bit, no a lot, excited about seeing those famous 1D boys too.

The doors finally opened and we found our seats. What were their reactions when they saw their seats? I knew you’d ask. Here ya go.

one direction


We met a new friend, Arielle (pronounced the way Sebastian pronounces Ariel in Little Mermaid) who was a precious, precious gem of a girl. Her seat was right next to mine, but she was in a wheelchair so we had to pull the chair out so she could get in. Arielle is full of life no matter her obstacles. I love how God places people in our path at the most unassuming times. It was so fun watching her dance and sing!

one direction one direction

The opener was the One Direction wannabe’s boy band “Five Seconds of Summer.” Good band, but not really comparable to 1D in my opinion. Finally 1D comes out. Oh my. The set of lungs on those girls! Screams and shrills everywhere. I looked around and saw tears streaming down many of the girls’ faces. I even saw the faces of some mom’s who were just as awe-struck as their daughters. I may have been one of them.

So, as I said earlier, the girls were able to move up to the front row. I could have moved too, there was room, but I thought that might be kinda creepy and awkward. I mean, I can just see my 42 year old self screaming while leaning over the gate like my 13 and 16 year old girls were doing. And believe me-I would have screamed! Probably louder than them. I tend to get really, really excited about things…so much so that my 13 year old sometimes says to me, “Mom- you need to calm down.” This definitely would’ve been one of those “mom you need to calm down” moments. I contained myself and tried to act like the mom behind me who looked bored as all get out. It didn’t last long and I was on my feet singing and dancing..but I stayed at my seat.


Peek-a-boo! See me? (Sorry about the iPhone pic)one directionone directionone directionAs is pure One Direction style, they thanked the audience over and over and said repeatedly how grateful they were to us for the last four years of their existence.  I decided that I really did like them.

After only 30 minutes or so of concert start I quickly came to many assumptions about them:

Harry is the one full of personality and charm. He’s a MAJOR flirt. He really REALLY likes to communicate with his audience. I completely understand why girls have gone so ga ga over him. He let his hair grow out and totally has the “long hair don’t care” thing goin’ on. He is a little cutie.

Liam is the serious one. The one that keeps the order, but he also likes to have fun. He’s like the Dad of the group.

Louis is the quirky, shy one. Very endearing.

Niall stays to himself. Doesn’t really have a lot to say. I couldn’t really figure him out.

Then there’s Zayn. What to say about Zayn? Well he is the super quiet but  “cool” one. I think Zayn had a bad day or something he just didn’t seem that in to it.

These are pure judgements and I could be totally wrong, in fact I’m sure that I am. Don’t you worry my daughters will correct me after they read this. They really do appear to be sweet, fun-loving boys.  I’m super appreciative that they know how to put on a clean, fun show. 

Here is a picture of Harry literally giving the girls a thumbs up. The girls were FREAKING out. Seriously. As my friend Les says, they were freaking their freakers! one direction

What had them freaking their freakers even more was this: Alex is holding Harry’s towel that he threw out after the show.

one directionAnd then there’s this- Harry is reaching out to touch the girls’ hands. So so cool for them!

one direction

one direction

It was an amazingly fun night. Really.

Completely amaze-ful.

I love experiencing things like this with my girls, and I’m grateful that my tagging along is the norm for them. I found myself in as much awe as they were, turning into a fangirl myself. I was completely prepared for the concert, as my oldest daughter Alex has been a fangirl for quite some time. I’ve learned more about these 5 boys than I’d care to know but have enjoyed every moment sharing in the experience with them. I can even recognize which voice is singing their part. Oh yes believe it!  I’ve spent many car trips learning the songs and playing voice trivia in the car. I’ve got their voices down pat!

Be impressed! (Come on you is tough on it’s own so be impressed with the quirky, little things!)

And I honestly love their songs. They’re fun, catchy songs. Teen-ager songs? Yep. SO?! I like them anyway. I have a fun heart!

As I told you in this post a while back, if it’s important to my girls, it’s important to me. If I ever feel that it crosses the line, and believe me, I am very keen to that; than I will guide them in the opposite direction.

Pun intended.

For now I will relish in this amazing memory making moment we all got to share that was COMPLETELY worth every penny that we spent on the tickets. We will never forget!

So have fun with your kiddo’s! They won’t be kiddo’s for long ya’ll. Go out and do and experience the things that THEY LIKE.

Love each and every one of ya today!!


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  1. Nicol says:

    Great story! My niece is going there tonight in Nola!

  2. Jamie says:

    Love the pics! You had amazing seats! I took my 9 1/2 year old to see One Direction here in Nashville a few weeks ago and it was honestly one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to (and I’ve seen U2, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, etc.) Awesome show! She absolutely loved it and we were both freaking our freakers! LOL The only negative thing (and I mean only) was that it was unbearably hot here that night. But so worth every penny and all the crowds and sweat.

    p.s. Harry is her fave (and mine, too.) You sound a lot like me. I’m 45 and my girls have to tell me to calm down. Love it!
    Jamie recently posted…The Crutch ChroniclesMy Profile

    • Shannon says:

      Agreed Jamie! Had so much fun! Thanks for stopping by:-)

    • I was at One Direction Where We Are Tour 2014 stop in Dublin, Ireland on 23-05-14 but my seats that time were so awful I don’t know how to put it into words just how disappointed with my seats in Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland I was with my seats because of younger girls blocking my view so that I nearly ended up climbing up onto my seat to get a better view of The 1D Boys but 23-10-15 seeing One Direction on their On The Road Again Tour 2015 was much better than Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland so I went to their On The Road Again Tour 2015 stop in Belfast, Northern Ireland and I managed to catch the eye of Harry Styles because I was right in front of the stage so that I could see One Direction perfectly well with much better seats than before.

  3. Oh my goodness you had amazing seats!!! I am a huge fan of 1D. I’m 31 and my friend is in her 30s and we traveled from LA and Seattle to meet up in Philly to see them last month! Made a whole vacation out of it. They’re so funny live. And really do have great voices!

    Haha I love Harry and even posted about him yesterday!
    Leeann @ Join the Gossip recently posted…Top Five Travel Photos of 2014My Profile

  4. Jill says:

    Loved reading your recap! I can’t believe the great seats you scored! How fun to experience the concert with your daughters! I’m headed to the Demi Lovato concert next month with my daughter and her friend but luckily her friend’s Mom is coming too.

    Have a great weekend!

    Jill recently posted…September Ipsy Glam Bag ReviewMy Profile

    • Shannon says:

      Yes! It was so much fun!!! Thanks for stopping by Jill and you have a great weekend too!!! Have fun at Demi!!!

  5. Tracy M says:

    i just found your blog from you following me on Instagram! Did you see that Pioneer Woman had a post on the concert? She was there too but I don’t think her seats were as good as yours. Too funny. We took our son and daughter to see Katy Perry this summer. That was an awesome show.
    Tracy M recently posted…Fall Wardrobe Basics: Buffalo Check Plaid ShirtMy Profile

  6. Lesley Stoots says:

    I love that you had a “freak your freaker” moment with your girls! Seeing your kids happy is the best!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you!

  7. Amy Ann says:

    This looks like such a fun evening! I am so glad you got to share it with your girls. How awesome that you ended up on the front row?!?! I saw Pioneer Woman was there with her daughter. How awesome would it have been if you met her!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  8. Jennie says:

    Such great photos and looks like y’all had the best night! So glad you got to share this night with your girls and thanks for sharing your experience with us!
    Jennie recently posted…Stripes & PlaidMy Profile

  9. […] I got into their world by being interested in the things they were interested in, and through each season of their lives, it has kept me in their world. I’ve taken them to 3 One Direction concerts. If you were there, I was the crazy one in the black suburban chasing “the boys” (my girls and their friends refer to One Direction as “the boys”) from one place to the next. I may or may not be a crazy 1D mom. […]

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