Overwhelming Grace


Overwhelming Grace. #YourStory with Kristi Woods

There are times when grace violently overwhelms me just like waves crashing on the seashore. The tears begin to fall and refuse to stop. This leads to the heaving of my chest and the ugly cry comes in full force.

You get the picture.

It happens in the most random places. Once in a church sanctuary of over 200 ladies. I was sitting on the front row listening to a story of how a Momma was reunited with her children and husband that she almost lost due to drug addiction. I identified with her fear of loss and her joy of restoration.

It happened one time as I was driving down the road and a certain song about redemption and grace started playing. (This one happens a lot, actually).

One time I was vacationing with my family on a tropical beach watching my husband and two daughters play in the ocean.

It happens sometimes.

Overwhelming Grace


I can’t stop it, and I don’t want to. It is a beautiful reminder of the grace and mercy God has had on my life. Nothing like beautiful reminders of grace/mercy that come from a place of brokenness. Click To Tweet

I’m a church girl. I was practically raised in the pew. I remember listening to my dad singing “Beulah Land” and seeing tears fall from most in the audience. I remember adoringly watching his hands wave to and fro as he directed the choir and lead worship on Sunday. They’re all fond childhood memories of growing up in church. In high school, I was known as the good, church girl.

So how on earth did I fall for Satan’s disastrous tactics years later?

To get the rest of today’s post head on over to my sweet friend Kristi Wood‘s blog where I am a guest blogger. I met Kristi several weeks ago at a retreat and we connected instantly. You’ll love her wisdom and style, I just know it! I’ll see you over there where I will continue my thoughts..

  1. Deb Wolf says:

    Shannon, Thank you for putting yourself out there. Being real and making yourself vulnerable so others might be blessed by your message. Every one of us is in need of that overwhelming amazing grace. Blessings and hugs!

  2. Dawn says:

    Your story is such a beautiful picture of what grace is. For some reason, so many of us can believe a lie, that what we’ve done, is somehow beyond God’s grace. I’m so thankful that none of our sins are beyond His grace!

  3. MELANIE REDD says:

    Wow! What an amazing story, Shannon!
    Love this line from your post, “God restores, He heals, and He never runs out of grace!”
    I look forward to getting to know you better and reading more of your posts!
    I’ll be sharing this one this week.
    Blessings to you,

    • Shannon says:

      Thank you Melanie!! So glad we’re new friends! Look forward to getting ot know you better. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  4. June says:

    Overwhelmed by grace, and overwhelmed by your testimony Shannon. Your redemption, the redeeming of your marriage and family – truly a reason to shout to the Lord, to glorify and praise Him. Thank you for sharing – may God continue to bless you and your husband and show you grace.

    • Shannon says:

      Oh thank you so much June! You’re words encourage and inspire me more than you know. Thank you for your beautiful comments!!

  5. What a beautiful story of God’s grace and redemptive power! Your transparency is lovely and encouraging. I am so utterly grateful for God’s grace and mercy, and I’m grateful to know you, gorgeous girl! #livefreeThursday

  6. Love your beautiful story, friend! You share grace in such a beautiful way – a way that makes us feel it and breathe it. Love you!

    Thank you so much for being a part of Moments of Hope! I’m so thankful to have you there!

  7. Shannon, I found myself thinking of the last time I was also overwhelmed by grace. Each time is a sweet reminder that even when we are not looking for it, God is raining it down in our hearts and lives. I’d love for you to share this on Fresh Market Friday Link-up!

  8. Jaime Wiebel says:

    Love this, Shannon! Overwhelming Grace. You just put me at ease for the overwhelming tears that I have when God’s grace pours down on me and then it happens. I am overwhelmed for all that He has saved me from. I can be okay with this. It is from the gratitude of God’s mercy in my life.

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