The ONE thing that will make you brave


When you depend on God you experience freedom from worry and fear. This causes you to be brave. Real bravery is depending on GOd.

Brave. It’s a word that makes women everywhere sparkly and giddy because it’s something that we all wish for. It’s like something that’s so far out of reach for us. It nudges at something deep within, because if we’re brave, it means that we’ve achieved and conquered, right? It’s independence. Heroism. Valance. Confidence. Courage. It’s all those words that would make us a better wife. A better mom. A better woman.


What if I were to tell you that being brave is really not that far out of reach??


What if I were to tell you that in order to be brave you must learn the act of dependence.

Well that just doesn’t make sense now does it?

Dependence: the state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else.

When you depend on God you experience freedom from worry and fear. This causes you to be brave. Real bravery is depending on GOd.

If bravery is all about heroism and courage than how can it be equated with dependence?

Here’s how:

When you fully depend on God, it allows you freedom because worry and fear diminish. When worry and fear diminish, you become brave.. because isn’t that what bravery (the actual definition) is all about?

So then, dependence on God is the ONE thing that will make you brave. Real bravery means that you depend on an Almighty God. #brave #dependenceonGod Click To Tweet

Countless people have told me how brave I was to share my story, and I’ve told you how really it was HE who made me brave. That’s the truth. It was HIM not me. There is absolutely no way that I could’ve shared my story without the leading of the Holy Spirit. I depended on Him, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. That’s what made me brave: my dependence on an Almighty God because I knew that He had everything under control.

When I shared my story I did so with a lot of risk. Infidelity is not something that people just talk about openly. It is dark and painful and private. It’s degrading. Can we all just praise the Lord that what the devil wanted to stay in the dark, God brought to LIGHT to show His glory?? When God revealed to me several years ago that one day I would make my story public I was ready. I wanted to do it right then. I’m kinda impatient that way. It’s one of my endearing qualities. <insert sarcasm>  But.. I knew that it just wasn’t time. We were still in a major phase of healing and had I shared on my own timing and not depended on God for His timing, it would have been disastrous.

I learned dependence in the waiting. Dependence that he would completely heal my marriage. Dependence that He would go BEFORE me and prepare hearts to hear what I had to say. Dependence that HE would be with me when I got up and shared my story for the first time to over 200 ladies. Dependence that HE would speak the words that needed to be spoken. Dependence that He would go before me when I shared on this little blog of mine to God knows (seriously) how many people. Dependence that I was and will always be nothing without Him.

When you depend on God you experience freedom from worry and fear. This causes you to be brave. Real bravery is depending on GOd.

Dependence on God made me brave. When we depend on Him, the “brave” things become easy.

What does your brave look like? How do you depend on God? #brave #dependenceonGod Click To Tweet

What does your brave look like? How do you need to depend on God? Let me know in the comments!

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Hope you have the best day! Go and be brave!


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  1. I think of myself as the least brave woman alive. But I love that you bring out one of the truths about our life with God: that often what seems like a contradiction is actually the clear path. In Christ, we CAN do what we can’t, be what we’re not, and feel what we don’t. Thank you for sharing your heart and words…stopping by as your neighbor at the RaRa LinkUp!

    • Shannon says:

      Thank you Elizabeth! Honestly I don’t think of myself as brave either…but if I step outside myself and look back, I think, wow she’s really brave! I have so many inadequacies…but I’m so thankful for a heavenly father who gives grace and mercy!

  2. I am only brave because of Him. On my own I am shy and quiet, but oh how He has changed me.

    I love your site. Do you make your own pictures? Beautiful.

    • Shannon says:

      I hear ya Debbie. I’m the same way. I’m naturally a shy, quiet person…and like you, He has changed me! Im certainly not perfect, but everything positive in me is all Him! Thank you for your compliment! I am part of a photo club thing…so I don’t “take” my own pictures(not usually anyway) but I do put the overlays and text on myself.

  3. Trisha rush says:

    This is so great. Thank you for sharing! Bravery is often about complete abandonment of self, and total reliance on Him.

  4. Thank-you for sharing this, Shannon. I love how it takes the focus off me trying to be brave and put it’s back onto God. Thanks!

    • Shannon says:

      Brooke- isn’t it crazy (well, not really crazy, but you know..) how when we put our focus soley on Him how it changes everything??

  5. Keri says:

    What a joy to find your site today! Depending on God is what has helped me to navigate the waters of life. Your words were such an encouragement today!

  6. Lois Flowers says:

    Shannon, it’s interesting to me that you wanted to share your story as soon as possible … maybe to get the initial shock over with? I love that you waited for God’s timing and are now able to write about your past in such a bold, compelling way. I’m not fond of the waiting room either, but like you, I’ve also learned dependence there. I’m so glad to be your neighbor today at Coffee for Your Heart …

    • Shannon says:

      Lois- I think maybe I wanted to share it sooner because of the miracle that had taken place in our marriage. But- even at that time I was still in a major phase of healing…I was still so young in the healing process that sharing it at that time would have been detrimental to me and to my family. I’m so glad I waited too!
      I’m so glad we’re neighbors today, Lois!

  7. Lisa notes says:

    Yes. This is so true. Dependence is what makes us brave! Knowing that God has this. For the past couple of years I’ve been telling myself to “just show up” in hard places, and trust that God will do the rest. All I have to do is place myself there. Thanks for sharing this encouragement.

  8. Yes, I so agree. When we are trusting Him we are braver and more confident in our decisions. Now to be faithful to that 100% of the time!

  9. Awesome message. And thank you for sharing. The Holy Spirit can do mighty things if we let down our guards.

  10. So much truth here.
    I can always tell when I’m trying to function on my own — bravery quotient goes way down. It’s so much braver to be dependent upon a completely dependable God.

  11. Somer says:

    This was so encouraging to read. For a couple reasons.
    One I totally see the correlation to bravery and dependence. I actually was pondering that the other day. The whole concept of fearing God and then fearing nothing else. We see it even in War. The warrior acts with his commanding officers to win. It doesn’t negate His bravery. He walks with weapons. He is wise. He must depend on the skill, knowledge,timing, and wisdom to match the courage in His heart. That is what enables Him to finally act in victory.
    I have and am still going through the aftermath of the ugliest chapter of my life. There have been so many times I have wanted to run from this. At the end of last year I heard whispered to my heart, “I am giving you your story. Do not run from your story.”
    I want to run.
    I don’t like my story now.
    This helped me tremendously because I do want God to use it one day as He has already used it in so many ways in my own faith and personal life. In maturing me and healing up broken places. Yet, in fear I think it will never be something God can use because it is too messy. Thank you for speaking courage to me that one day in God’s timing He will use it as an arrow in His hand to wound the enemy that designed it for my destruction. Thank you!

    • Shannon says:

      Summer- so so good in how you correlated bravery with the act of the warrior, his commanding officers and his weapons. I’m so glad you stopped by…thank you for taking the time to read! I’m assuming you followed the link to my story? If not, you should read it ;-). I’m so sorry you’re going through a hard time. I so wish we didn’t have to go through hard times. Hang in there- take one day at a time and trust Him! God takes messes and turns them into beauty! DOn’t forget that! I’m giving you a huge hug right now! xoxoxoxox

  12. This is a terrific post!
    I am scared easily, so if I know there is something I should start doing, I try to just do it. The hardest part can be just moving!

  13. God keeps pushing me to step into new and uncomfortable areas, things that I don’t feel equipped to do. Each step is scary and I have to summon up my brave if I’m going to keep following where He leads. Thankfully, that brave comes from God – and the more I put my faith (and fear) and Him, the more He comes through to fill me with just enough brave to take each next step. Keep being BRAVE!

    • Shannon says:

      Me too Kathryn..which is why I am being challenged. Even though its scary following where He leads is so rewarding. We can be brave together! Thank you for saying Hi today! xoxo

  14. Deborah says:

    Thank you, Shannon, for the encouragement and for sharing your story. Both help others (me) be brave!!

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