Unplanned, random, and a bit of vulnerability.


Right now I’m sitting in my spot on our couch, Mercy is laying right beside me fast asleep, and a lovely little unwelcome odor occasionally drifts past me.

I’m tired.

I’m nauseous.

And this blog post isn’t planned at all.

Sometimes the best blog posts are the ones you didn't plan at all.



Sometimes the best blog posts are the ones you didn't plan at all. Click To Tweet

Yesterday I had a late lunch at Panera Bread Co. I ate some chicken noodle soup and a greek salad. Ever throw up a greek salad? If not I’ll spare you the details but I will tell you it burns and it’s just gross.

No I’m not pregnant. That would be impossible.

I didn’t sleep well last night so not only did I wake up a tad bit still sick, I woke up tired.

Back to the odor.

Spilled milk.

I’m in denial at possibly having to throw out this rug. I keep thinking that if I ignore the odor long enough that it will just go away. In all honestly it actually might just go away…because I would get used to the smell, but it will always be there.

Ah hah! I see a possible analogy there, do you? Here it is: you can ignore your “problem” {only you know the problem} all you want…but unless you do something about it, it will always be there. You can ignore you're problem, but unless you do something about it, it will always be there. Click To Tweet

We all got our probs guys. Wanna hear one of mine?

I spend too much money.

I know it bothers my husband. I know that at times it can drive a wedge between us. I try to ignore {the problem} because it brings me happiness.

OH COME ON Y’ALL. Any other lady out there get joy from buying something?? Especially if it’s like a cute pair of shoes or something?

We all got issues. We all got problems.

What’s your “problem” that you try to ignore? I just told mine to the world. Maybe it will help me be a bit more responsible and accountable because I love my husband with every thing that is within me and intentionally driving a wedge just isn’t cool. It’s not cool and it’s not nice. And it certainly isn’t respectful.

I’m going to quit “ignoring” it.

What about you?

I had no plan when I started writing this post. It’s completely spontaneous and the only thing I edited was spelling errors.

Sometimes the best blog posts are the ones you didn't plan at all.


So I’ll leave ya now. What is it that you try to ignore?

Much love

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  1. Anne says:

    I love posts like these bc they’re so relatable and liberating to write as well!!

  2. MELANIE REDD says:

    You are SO right, Shannon!
    Some of my best stuff ever came out of sleepless nights or nagging burdens.
    When the Spirit leads, write it, girl!
    Found your post on 100 Days!

  3. Shannon, I love how you just “go there” in this post. Rather than ignore the elephant in the room, you are naming it. That is always step 1 of progress in the right direction.

    I am trying to work on making healthy choices with diet and exercise after my hubby was in the hospital earlier this year. A little wake up call is a good thing.


    • Shannon says:

      LOL Lyli! Yes I guess I do!! Honestly I hate elephants in the room! And I’m right there with ya with diet and exercise!!! Thanks for stopping by today!

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