I really wasn’t as fierce as I thought.


I don’t know about you, but this series has blessed me in ways I didn’t initially imagine that it would. Honestly I wasn’t as fierce or fiercely His as I thought before this started. I’m thankful for a God who is always teaching me not only through His word, but through women in my life who are wise.

Through women who are fierce.

Women who are warriors!

When I started thinking about and praying about the Fiercely His series, I prayed with thoughts of you, my readers in mind. I also prayed for the writers. What I  didn’t foresee was that I would be the one to be so blessed. I was not only blessed by the words, I was blessed by the relationships I’ve built with the writers through corresponding with them. I encourage you, go back and visit those that have blogs and subscribe to them. They are truly amazing and incredible women and writers! They’ve all taught me a lot.

God is building up a generation of women how know how to fight!Your response to #fiercelyHis has been overwhelming and I’m so grateful and humbled. Due to the amazing response, I’ve decided to do a regular series on Fridays. I don’t know if it will last 2 months or 2 years, but I’m willing as long as God leads. “Fierce Friday” will showcase your FIERCE stories. I’ve said this before and I believe it with everything inside of me. I firmly believe that God is building up a generation of women who know how to be strong! We must lead the way you guys. Our world is hurting. Literally hurting!

When we share our stories something cool happens. It brings supernatural healing. Light is thrust into a place that darkness has prevailed. The exposition of darkness and replacement of light is a beautiful thing!

Now, upward and onward we go. Here are some things I’ve learned through the amazing writings of my friends and the #fiercelyHis series.


15 Ways I’ve learned to be Fiercely His

Jesus is our rescuer.

He even says so in his word. “But ME he caught, reached all the way from sky to sea.” …all for ME. Through Kim’s story I learned about a God who loves us more than anything. I learned that no matter what lies the enemy tells me, they are just that: LIES. I also learned that the people right next to us are hurting and we don’t even see it. We go about our daily lives and don’t even realize that the person right next to us may not be here tomorrow because they will take their own life.

The world is hurting, y’all. What are we going to do about it?

God allows pain.

I don’t know that I will every fully understand this. Yet I also know that it isn’t for me to understand. He allows us to struggle so that it will bring us to Him. Through Alison I was reminded that everything we go through in this life is practically insignificant when compared to our future glory. It will ALL be worth it one day! And we must hold on!

 13 ways i've learned to be fiercely His

Fierce women are weak in reality.

Keri reminded me that we are weak, but we’re made STRONG because of Him! He is our strength, and fierce women just get that. They are fierce because they rely soley on their Savior!

God’s pursuit of us is relentless!

Fancy prayers are great, but God delights in prayers that come from a broken and torn heart that doesn’t know the first thing about religion.  I learned that sometimes we fight to know God and don’t even realize it. Through Lloydetta’s story, I was reminded that God pursues us, and it’s relentless. If God comes to those that call on his name that don’t even really know Him, how much more will He come to those that know Him?

If we don’t deal with our past, it will deal with us.

We need to deal with our past. Our past becomes our present if we don’t deal with it. In Terri’s words, “If you have not dealt with a painful past it will deal with you.” How true this is. In my own marriage, if we had not dealt with what had left us broken I don’t think we would be together today. We had to come face to face with our brokenness in order for us to be whole. Brokenness is a powerful thing. It’s where He shows us who we truly are, how weak we are, and only then are we able to grab on to His strength. “Brokenness is where Jesus plants the seeds to be fierce.”

Brokeness is where fierce begins

I learned that I’m not alone in the fight to forgive.

I struggle with different situations today that can leave me bitter if I’m not careful. I’m sure you can all relate. Bitterness causes us to not only hurt ourselves, but it causes us to hurt the ones we love, and it’s a sin.  Dawn reminded me of this very important truth: “Sin confuses us and causes us to pick the wrong fights.” The rightful fight is against the sin in our own hearts; the sin of bitterness. We have to fight for a heart of forgiveness. God is on our side! And that is why we win! And that is what makes us fierce!

In our marriage, the battle is constant and we have to fight.

Valerie reminded me that the battle is constant, really. Constant because hard times come and go. It’s life. And when they come, the battle is on, and we have to fight. We have to fiercely fight for our marriage!

We aren’t fierce on our own.

I loved Melissa’s story about her daughter and anxiety and how as a mama she had to fight it out. But the fight is nothing without Jesus. Our fierce is nothing without Jesus. Fierce means that we physically get up and grab our armor and actually put it on. Staring at it does nothing. We have to get it on and fight. Because without it, we are weak. We must put the armor on not only for ourselves but for our children!

We have to fight for our calling.

We ALL have a calling..whether you believe in Jesus or not. We can not let go of that calling or dream even when it’s buried down so deep and barely flickering  to stay alive. We have to fight for it. We have to surrender to God and say yes! When we surrender our wounds and our weaknesses to God, and lean into that grace and power He promises, that’s when we can get up and fight even when don’t think we can. FIGHT.FOR.YOUR.CALLING. I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited to read Casey’s book, “Perfectly Weak.”

Being forgiving makes us fierce.

Oh how I could relate to Melanie’s story. Forgiving is so hard, but when we pray for the ones that hurt us, it frees up our hearts to forgive. I knew all of the powerful truths that she shared with us, but I needed the reminder! We can be forgiving and still fierce…I loved that!

We must surrender.

This one’s hard for me, I’ll admit. I’m a defender. I’ll defend my family and friends when I feel that they are being wronged. But sometimes we have got to keep our mouths shut!(uuuggh) The Holy Spirit helps us discern God’s will. Rebecca reminded me that sometimes His will is for us to keep silent. And Jesus is our ultimate example!

13 ways i've learned to be fiercely His. We must surrender!

It’s the fierce love of God that sustains me when I’m broken.

I loved Deb’s beautiful words! Sometimes we are broken and we just have to be still, but it doesn’t mean that we still aren’t fierce. Sometimes being fierce is doing nothing and realize that we are in desperate need of Gods love.

Jesus went through the ultimate pain!

Jen reminded me  that Jesus went through the ultimate pain on the cross. No matter what physical pain we endure, Jesus knows how we feel. He is no stranger to pain! So, we have two choices: we can either lay down and feel sorry for ourselves or get up and let God show off His power in us! Her story was heartbreaking and I’m so grateful she shared a piece of her heart with us!

We are free to love others fiercely when we learn to be fiercely His.

Relationships are difficult. Sometimes those closest to us are the hardest.. but when we learn to be fiercely His, we are free to love others fiercely. We love because Jesus loves us. It’s that simple. But, we can’t follow his commands without Him! I loved how vulnerable Sarah was in her post about her Mom. It was a beautiful thing to read. There is nothing like a Mother/Child bond. We all have it whether we have a good or bad relationship with our Mom’s. If you can relate to Sarah I urge you to follow her in her journey!

13 ways i've learned to be fiercely His.In order to be fierce, we must have Faith!

What a powerful truth! Julie reminded me that being fierce means that we have Faith. In our everyday, mundane lives, when all goes wrong and when we’re wiery and just worn out, when we practice our faith we are automatically fierce. This is such hope friends!

13 ways i've learned to be Fiercely His


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  1. Melanie Redd says:

    It’s been a great series, Shannon!
    I think you should keep it going!
    I love your every Friday idea!
    You bless me~

  2. Deb Wolf says:

    I feel so blessed to have been a part of this series and I’m thrilled you are going to continue it! With Christ, we can do all things and that means being fierce as He gives us the strength for battle. Blessings and hugs!

  3. Julie says:

    Shannon- I loved being a part of this. I want women to find their fierceness in Him. I want my daughter and the young generation of women to see themselves different from the status quo. What a huge ministry you have here!
    So glad you’re keeping this #fiercelyHis going!
    Blessings my sister in Christ!

  4. Valerie says:

    What a sweet overview of the series, Shannon! I love Fiercely Fridays too! It was a joy and honor to be a part of this wonderful series. Thank you for who you are and for fiercely fighting for us women to remain strong in our faith through the ups and downs of life.

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