Ways I Love You | The Love Letter #2


Life is too short.

I know that these letters are cheesy.

And I really don’t care.

Ways I love you. A monthly love letter to my husband.

Our lives could be cut short in an instance. I want to live like that my life could end tomorrow.Live like there's no tomorrow. #marriage #loveletters Click To Tweet

Hey babe,

Crazy month, huh? We survived. One more month and we’ll be home free, yes?

I know what you’re thinking.

Your worried.

Worried about Averee.

Will she acclimate well in Colorado? Will she be able to make friends? Will she be okay?

Worried about Alex. Will it devastate her that we will be hundreds of miles away from her? Will she adjust to college life well? Will she be safe?

Worried about me. Will we be okay? Will she make friends? Can we find a house that she loves?

I love your ways, John.

  • I love that you worry about your family. There’s no one like you babe. No one. Our needs and wants are truly at the top of your list. You’re girls are always on your mind. I love you for that.
  • I love the way you sing when you think no one can hear. Do you remember when we were driving back from Oklahoma City a couple of weekends ago? We were listening to my spotify “worship” playlist. “Savior King” by Hillsong came on. I had my head back and my eyes were closed and I was trying to fall asleep. I heard you. I opened my eyes half way just to make sure of what I was hearing. Oh it was you, alright. It was beautiful, you. I love to hear you sing. It’s the most beautiful, innocent sound that flows through my ears.
  • I love the way our girls respect and adore you. Respect isn’t taught. It isn’t demanded. You’ve done well with our girls, love.
  • I love the way you get choked up at random times when you think about your first born going to college. I love it when you get quiet and I know not to bring it up at that time.
  • I love the way you protect my heart when it’s been hurt. I love the way I can talk to you about anything and even though sometimes you tell me the truth and it hurts, I love how I can feel safe in talking to you about anything. I love knowing that you will be honest with me. My feelings and my heart is safe with you.

ways i love you2

I just love your ways, John. And I thought I’d let you know today.

I love you more,


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  1. What a beautiful relationship you have with your husband, Shannon. My husband gets choked up sometimes too. Love him. May the Lord surround your family during this time of transition after your move.

    • Shannon says:

      Yes, Betsy…we’ve been through a lot and don’t take each other for granted! Thank you for your encouragament my friend! xoxo

  2. Deb wolf says:

    Shannon, I love this. You’ve inspired me. 44 years of marriage and I tell Rev multiple times every day how much I love him, but I haven’t written a love letter in ages. It’s time. No, it’s past time! Thank you!

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