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I always enjoy the view, the works of art, from 30,000 feet.  As the airplane crawls away from the hangar my kids get anxious and antsy, the little adrenaline junkies love the thrill of acceleration, nosing into the sky.  But me, I love the smooth and steady pace of cruising above the clouds and the perspective I gain from there.

Recently I was watching clouds out the airplane window and was once again captivated.  The puffy masses were minimized by my aerial viewpoint.  What seemed enormous, unending, when my feet were on the ground, was now more small and humble.

In a sky filled mostly with sunshine, the clouds were ragged polka dots casting down a pattern of dark shadows beneath them.  

When Darkness Clouds Your Perspective

And in an instant I know how those shadowy pieces of earth feel.

I remember laying on the grass in my backyard when I was about six, staring at clouds as if they were the greatest show on earth.  I marveled as they inched across the sky, seemingly chasing one another, and then slowly crept between me and the sun.  In an instant everything changed.  The world grew darker, cooler, somehow quieter.

The adults of the world would tell me the sun went behind a cloud, that soon enough it would pop out again.  And I trusted that.  I would watch and wait for the sun to reappear, for warmth to return, and much of the time it would.

But sitting in that airplane, some 30 years later, I began to realize how very failed that logic is.  It’s funny how we know things, we know truth, and yet without even fully realizing it, we reason with untruths as well.  We hold both tightly, not even realizing the two cannot co-exist.

You see from 30,000 feet I realize, the sun never went behind a cloud when I was 6.  The sun never went behind a cloud ever.  

The sun always shines.

Somehow I know this and yet I’ve almost never known it at all.

It is true that sometimes clouds get in the way.  Those dark and cool spots on the ground, ragged polka dot shadows, are very real.  But they never once stopped the sun from shining, they were simply momentary interference, blocking my view.

We don’t always see the sun, but even on the cloudiest days it’s up there, faithfully shining it’s hot and wild rays.

Even when we can't see the sun, it's there, shining. #fierceFriday #fiercelyHis Click To Tweet

And right there I begin to see my life, splayed out on the surface of the earth.  I see intense moments of sunshine, direct light – marrying the boy I dated in high school, delivering babies into the world – moments where the heat was intense and it all seemed so very perfect.

And I see moments of interference, ragged clouds casting shadows – the day they told me my little girl, round inside my belly, would not make it, the days my marriage felt beyond repair, the cold and dark days of damaged relationships, financial struggles, days I could swear the sun wasn’t shining.

But the sun never went behind a cloud.

“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.  And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”      John 1: 4-5 NKJV

Comprehend here means to perceive or understand.  Other translations say the darkness did not overcome it, apprehend it, extinguish it.  Do you see what he’s getting at here?

His light, the Son, shines in the darkness and sometimes we don’t even get it.  We see clouds and darkness and can’t even wrap our finite brains around the fact that the Son never stops shining.

In our fearful and afraid moments, our tired and nothing left to give moments, our empty and uncertain moments when life is a raging storm, the sun still shines.

When rain drops on our perfect plans, cold clouds cast shadows on our hopes and dreams, the sun still shines.  We cannot overcome it, apprehend it, extinguish it.  What a beautiful visual, a faithful reminder, God has given us.

We get to live brave, full of hope, because even when our vantage point is full of clouds, we know His Word is true.  

Even when dark clouds come, the Son never stops shining. #fierceFriday #fiercelyHis Click To Tweet

The Light always shines.

What would our lives look like, if we began fully living from that truth?  His light, the Light that cannot be overcome, the light that does not go behind a cloud, forever shines.

Katie is a warrior, she is brave, and she is #fiercelyHis!


Katie Westenberg is a wife, mom and writer who is passionate about encouraging women to fear God and live brave.  Her daily brave involves life in the countryside of the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their four kids.  She also enjoys traveling, reading and any adventures that involve friends and family.  You can find her at I Choose Brave.


A note from Shannon: I love Katie’s so very encouraging and positive message. It reminds me that God is ALWAYS with us, even when it seems He is hiding. I’ve had one of those days, today where I’m wondering where in the world He is. But, all I need is to look up, and breathe, and I feel Him all around me and I realize what a gift we’ve been given. Thank you, Katie, for the reminder that His presence is always hear!

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