When Life is too Busy for God


“Before you get to thinking that I’ve fallen off the proverbial spiritual wagon please know that I haven’t. I don’t think that not having focused time with God means that I’m going to hell in a handbag. While I wish for more focused time, and I think it’s necessary and important, my relationship with Him is still strong, if not stronger than ever.”

Sometimes we go through busy seasons and we think we are too busy for God. If we are rooted & grounded in Him, we can survive those seasons.

Life is busy.

This morning I am just breathing.

Life lately has been a bit overwhelming. From graduations – anniversary’s – cleaning out my house – estate sales – moving – letting go (of my daughter to college) and even, shall I say it, presidential elections…

The emotions are difficult. They range from bitter to sweet. I can be happy one moment and crying the next. My poor husband…

So, this morning I’m just breathing.

And drinking my coffee, of course.

I feel like everything is happening at once and I feel like my life is spiraling out of control…but the reality is that it’s not. I’m not spiraling out of control.

Because God keeps me and sustains me. Honestly I don’t have a clue how people make it without God in their lives.

I also don’t know how people make it without an active presence of constant communication with Him.

Because there is a difference, ya know. A difference between constant communication with God and just believing in Him.

It’s one thing to believe in God and to say you love Him. It’s a whole ‘nother thing to believe in Him, love Him, and talk to him daily.

It seems life lately has been in constant competition with my time with God.

Here’s my idea of a perfect day:

5:30 AM – I wake up with fresh, wide eyes. (Honestly mornings make me giddy. Is that weird?) I make coffee, then sit on my comfy sofa with my comfy blanket and my perfectly blended cream and coffee in my favorite coffee mug and spend precious, focused time with God which includes reading the Bible, maybe reading a devotion, and praying.

6:30ish – catch up on social media, write, and blog. Wake girls up for school or rather, wake up girL (emphasis on singular since one of my girls will BE IN COLLEGE this year. omg. Dear Lord help me.

7:30 – send the girL off to school then go about my daily activities whatever they may be (grocery shopping, cleaning, mentoring, or writing, etc)

But lately my schedule has been wrecked and I’ll be honest and tell you that I have not had “focused” time with God in several weeks.

Yes, how lovely it would for me to be able to say this:

“Even though life has been hectic lately I am committed and make sure that I wake up early and have focused, quiet time with God.” 

But, if I said that it would be a lie. Because honestly, I’m just grateful to wake up at all. Now- I realize by saying that it seems as though I’m stressed out to the max and in a really bad place.

I’m not.

I’m actually in a really GOOD place, I’ve just been super busy.

Sometimes we go through busy seasons and we think we are too busy for God. If we are rooted & grounded in Him, we can survive those seasons.

Before you get to thinking that I’ve fallen off the proverbial spiritual wagon please know that I haven’t. I don’t think that not having focused time with God means that I’m going to hell in a handbag. While I wish for focused time, and I think it’s necessary and important, my relationship with Him is still strong, if not stronger than ever, and here’s why.

When it seems like life is too busy for God, make sure of these things:

God is rooted and grounded in your day to day.

I’m never “too busy” for Him, because he is a part of everything about my life. Does that make sense? Focused time in the mornings with Him is incredible…but it’s more of a “bonus.” An add-on; so to speak. He’s like an appendage of me. He’s in my day to day.

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You surround yourself with inspiring people.

Man is this ever important! I’ve got some pretty amazing friends in my life. Friends who support and uplift me. Friends that “speak” life in to me and keep me accountable in my relationship with Jesus. Not that they “preach” to me, but just the example they provide is inspiring.

Have bible/devotional apps on your phone.

While I would “prefer” to have focused time with God alone on my sofa with my comfy sofa, fuzzy blanket or my perfect cup of coffee with the perfect amount of creamer inside, it’s not “required” in order to sustain my relationship with Him.

There are some amazing apps out there. A couple of my favorites are:

First 5

She Reads Truth.

I love these apps because they are specifically for women, written by women. Of course there’s always You Version, which is an ah-mazing bible app that has literally thousands of devotionals.

While there are tons of articles out there about the negative-icities of the mobile phone and how it has negativily impacted our kids and our world and blah-blah-blah… I will say that it’s so refreshing to be able to click on promising words of hope at any time.

There are some that say you need to read the Word from the Bible. Like, the actual printed version of the Bible. Listen- God’s word is God’s word. Whether your reading from a printed version or an app on your smart phone, it’s the Word folks. Don’t let yourself get drowned in religiosity- that inhibits your relationship with God!

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You have a personal relationship with Him.

My relationship with God is just an everyday thing. I don’t have to schedule time with Him. I don’t have to request his attendance in order to meet with Him. He is a constant presence in my life. Whether I’m sweeping my floor, putting my make-up on or meeting a friend for dinner. He’s there.

God is just a part of me and I talk to Him all the time.

Please hear me.

I’m not perfect by any means. I’m sooooo not a religious person. I’m the type of girl that will “show” you God in my actions rather than “tell” you about Him.

In the past, I used to condemn myself for not “taking time out of my day” to read the bible and pray. I left me feeling guilty and even more distant from God.

That’s just non-sense. God is not up in Heaven with a whip, looking for chances to “get us.”

While I believe it’s necessary for us to have “on-purpose” time with Him, there are “seasons” of life when it’s difficult, and I believe that if we are rooted and grounded in Him we can survive if only for a season.

I love hearing from you! Please take a minute to say ‘hi’ and share your thoughts below. Also leave any prayer requests. I love praying for you!

Also, would you do me a favor —if you resonate with this article or it has helped you today— would you share it with someone else? Maybe a friend, coworker, or family member…?

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  1. Oh how my soul needed this today, dearest Shannon. Life is spinning out of control for me right now and I know God’s calling me to change some things, I’m just waiting for the right timing … the only thing that’s keeping my feet on the ground is definitely making sure God is rooted and grounded in my day to day — no matter how crazy things get. Thanks for this reminder. <3

  2. Deb Wolf says:

    This is so good, Shannon! It’s easy to treat that time with God as a part of the schedule to check off as done. But I want His with me in every part of my day . . . knowing He loves it when I sit with Him and loves me 24/7. Thanks for this! And know I’m praying for you through this season of changes. Blessings and hugs!

  3. Melanie Redd says:

    What a good word, Shannon!
    When life is too busy for God, life is too busy!
    Thanks for the creative ideas on ways to make Him a bigger part of our days.
    Appreciate you and your ministry!

  4. Oh, Shannon, this is so good and so needed. I wrote a blog post a long time ago of a similar nature. I talked about being in a season where I “don’t read my Bible everyday”. I have a relationship with Jesus, I worship with my life, I ponder spiritual things, I look for the Lord in my circumstances, and I am madly in love with Jesus. But there are seasons of life that leave us unable to have that perfect “quiet time” like you mentioned. So, all of that to say that I appreciate your honesty and love your viewpoint! God is a God of love, and He longs to be in relationship with us – no matter what that looks like depending on the season. <3

    • Shannon says:

      So very true Alison! I hate it that some Christians feel as though they have to have that “perfect” quiet time with Jesus in order to be in relationship with Him. It’s not that hard! THe christian life is not hard!!! Love you girl:-)

  5. Valerie says:

    Oh Shannon, I love your example of a perfect day. I too love the mornings and spending time in God’s word, a comfy blanket and some soothing coffee! But sometimes LIFE is SO busy and it can easily squish away our intended time with God. I love that God always welcomes us with open arms!

    • Shannon says:

      He’s really cool, that God we serve, huh? I’m glad you can relate!!! #coffee #comfyblanket #Jesus 🙂

  6. JuLie says:

    Shannon- thank you. My life always seems busy with 5 kids. I try to spend time with God but a small one always seems to know when I have a quiet moment. I feel bad that I can’t dedicate dependable time with Him in this season. I think He understands:)
    I find Him in the moments I least expect to find Him. He surprises me!
    Thanks for being real!
    Have a great rest of the week!

  7. lc says:

    I’ve been through 4 1/2+ years of the most difficult time in my life. Last week, I was in an auto accident (my fault), the next day, I had a flat tire. The next day, I learned I’m not getting the raise I was expecting at work. Now it would be soooooo like me to add this to my ongoing list of how horrible my life is…..
    But I have such peace, because of NOTHING that I did! This is such an awesome experience – and not normal for me. YAY! I love the new me. I pray it never goes away.
    I believe with all my heart that my Heavenly Father has poured out His grace and mercy and joy and strength all over me!♡ Again, not because of anything I’ve tried to do to earn His favor. Honestly, in spite of doing nothing to earn His approval. Because of my “religious” upbringing and all the rules to get God to love me and not zap me dead….. I’ve felt His love and acceptance for the first time in my 55 years on this earth! He is so good!
    Jesus loves you, but I’m his favorite! I hope you’re laughing 🙂

    • Shannon says:

      That is so exciting for me to hear Lela! And yes, I’m laughing:-) We know we’re doing well and maturing in Christ when we can look into our circumstances, however stressful they may be and see Jesus in them. With that said, I’m so sorry for everything that you are going through but I’m so glad you feel PEACE! Yay! I’m saying a prayer for you today! You got this! (Well, God acutally has it, but you know what I mean) 🙂

  8. lc says:

    Would you look at what I just read by Alan Wright
    “Too many people think that God’s big question is: “Have you done your best for me?” God doesn’t primarily care if you are being good. Instead, the heart of God is that of a father. What He cares about most is you. “Is it well with you?”
    We are all rebellious Absaloms who were enemies of the King. As David’s heart was rapt with care for his son, so God’s heart is consumed with love for you despite your rebellion and sin. Hear God’s question again for you today: “Is it well with you?” You may have worked against God, but He is utterly for you. His heart is ever fixed with affection for you in Christ. And that’s the Gospel!”
    Thank you, Lord! ♡♡♡♡♡

  9. I really needed this today as we close out a busy summer. I loved the practical tips you offered. Pinning!

  10. Thank you Shannon so much for bring up the subject about spending our mornings with the Lord. Since my back surgeries mornings are difficult for me because I take something for pain and it takes about an hour until I can get around well. And then something happens and something else comes up and then my husband is up, well you know, the rest is history. This caused more shame and bad feelings about myself. So I joined up with First 5 and listened to today’s with Lysa Terkeurst and Paige. Things have been rocky with my husband fighting throat and neck cancer but the prayers of our church and friends glorified God by taking all the cancer away and he is in remission and things look good. But the stress made things harder and we tended to jump on each other sometimes even though we love each other very much. After going through some of Philippians Chapter 4 it really opened my eyes and showed me where I have not been treating myself or him with the love that we need so badly now. The timing was perfect. I look forward to your blogs and the First 5 on my IPhone when I get up earlier! God bless and you helped me finish my day with love from God and hope in my heart and love for my husband.

    • Shannon says:

      Hi Linda! I’m so glad to meet you! Thanks for stopping by. You’re not alone! Life is just hard and so busy. What I love so much about God is that He’s there at ALL times! So when we don’t get time in the mornings, we can meet with Him at anytime, because He’s always available. That’s one thing I love about the First 5 app! I am saying a praying right now for you Linda…a prayer for your marriage and a prayer for YOU! That you will fall in love with each other all over again and that you would have fresh eyes. I hope today is a good day for you! xoxoShannon

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