When You Feel Small


He Sees You

Jesus, please take the wheel.

I was on my way to church, gripping the steering wheel as if I was hanging on for dear life. The girls woke up cranky.  The oldest refused to wear the outfit I picked out and the littlest pooped all the way up and out of her diaper which caused me to change her outfit not once, but twice. Great start to the day. That frazzled piece of hair that had slipped out of my ponytail just refused to stay out of my face no matter how hard I tried to blow it away.

The whole scene was definitely a “Jesus take the wheel” moment.

It was a rough morning and it wasn’t.even.noon.yet.

Actually it had been a rough week..month..year. The transition of one child to two was a bit more than I had bargained for. I vowed to let John have it when he got back from his business trip. I parked and stared straight ahead.

I just needed a minute.

Taking a deep breath I put the stray hair back in to place, climbed out of the car, and slapped a smile on my face just like the clown we saw at the park the day before. I held my head upright with one little on my hip and the other little hand in hand.

With my painted on smile I was holding back the tears. I dropped the girls off at the kids center and headed to the worship center to find the closest empty seat all the while wondering if anyone really even cared.

Did anyone see me?

Do they just have any clue? Does God see me?

Lord, do you see me?

I may have looked like I had it all together but I didn’t. There were days as a young mom that I didn’t know if I would make it. The pressures of mothering and trying to be the best I could be for my beautiful littles seemed like an enormous task that I wasn’t qualified to handle.

I wanted to matter. I wanted everything that I did at home to count for something.

Most important, I wanted to make a difference.


He Sees You


“Five sparrows are sold for two pennies, aren’t they? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Why, even all the hairs on your head have been counted! Stop being afraid. You are worth more than a bunch of sparrows.” Matthew 10:29-31

Oh my sweet friend how He sees you…

He knows the length of every precious hair on your precious little head.

He knows your thoughts, your hurts, your cries.

He sees every tear. Not only does he see them, he bottles them up.

He sees every hurtful word that passes through your ears and makes its way into your heart.

He sees the trauma you went through as a child that still effects you today.

He sees your effort in trying to be the best mother that you can possibly be for the tiny little ones that He has gifted you with.

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He sees you.

And you matter. 

Do you get that? I know you hear itBut do you get it?


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  1. So beautiful. How many of the heartaches in this world could be loved away if women were aware of how deeply and completely they are accepted and loved by the God who sees.

  2. Kristine says:

    I never thought of the similarity between these two people! How wonderful that they both went beyond the comfortable to reach Jesus. Oh, how I can learn from them! Thank you for this encouragement today:)

    • Shannon says:

      I didn’t either Kristine, until I studied it further. The similarity is really cool! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. What a beautiful post and site. I loved reading this and your comparison of these two. It makes such a difference in our lives when we know how much He loves us and all the grace He gives, but it takes us being in the Word or reading beautiful words like yours.

  4. Anne says:

    Such a great reminder that we are seen and that we matter. I can so relate to your feelings of wondering if what I did mattered or if what I thought mattered. Nice to be told that yes; yes you matter.

  5. Carly says:

    Beautiful post- it’s always so important to be reminded that God sees us and he cares, even if we feel small and insignificant. I love how Jesus always took time for people. I wrote about the woman with the bleeding for #LiveFreeThursday today too.

  6. tammy says:

    This post is powerful and speaks to me of a time when the depression/despair was so overwhelming that I was crying on the inside hoping someone would see me and care, all the while with a pasted smile on. Nobody saw because suicidal people are extremely secretive.

    God saw and He was trying to get my attention, finally, I listened. Thank you for this reminder of where God has brought me from!

  7. Pam says:

    Hi Shannon!

    What a beautiful post! So many need to hear these words of love and care for their hearts, minds, and spirits! Happy to be visiting as your neighbor at Coffee Shop Conversations today!

  8. Hi Shannon, this post of yours is filled with such beautiful encouragement. It’s the kind of good news that all women need to hear. It’s those times when we feel small and insignificant that we need to know even if no one else does, God sees us and He cares!
    Sharing everywhere!

  9. Thank you! This is exactly the encouragement and Word from God I need. I’m struggling at work to be happy and motivated and I keep wondering why God put me there. He knows I’m struggling, He sees me. Thank you!

  10. Hannah says:

    I loved reading this. We actually talked about Zacchaeus at church this morning. He was a shady tax collector, yet Jesus viewed him as pure, worthy, and redeemed. This also spoke to my heart because I work in social work and sometimes feel tiny, lost, and overwhelmed in the grand scheme of all the horrible things I see on a daily basis. I wonder if it matters, if God sees what I’m doing, if He sees my heart aching for the kids I work with. I wonder if He sees the babies who are being abused, are hungry, and alone. I wonder if there is justice in this life. Thank you for such a beautiful, encouraging post!

  11. Valerie says:


    You will never know how much this post was a direct word from God to me! You see, my “blogging” arm is numb from a pinched nerve caused by a bulging disk in my neck. And just before I read this…I felt God calling me down from that tree to spend time with Him as I pray and seek His direction. Maybe he will heal me during this time of rest…or maybe it will just be a sweet time to rest in His grace and seek His direction. Thank you for sharing this. I knew right away that this would be my spotlighted post choice for #100HappyDays!

    • Deb Wolf says:

      Shannon, Valerie shared this with us this morning and oh, how I needed it. I love God’s perfect timing. I’m just back from a weekend away and have the slid from the mountain top blahs. So, I’m leaving this comment, stepping away from my computer, and reaching out for Jesus. To spend time with Him before I get back to work here. Thank you for this . . . what a blessing!

    • Shannon says:

      Wow Valerie- God is so faithful is He not?? Thank you, thank you, and thank you again or sharing this with me! You know that as a blogger sometimes you wonder if you’re really touching others..and this was just confirmation for me! You blessed me as I blessed you!!! xoxo

  12. Tara Berries says:

    Good to know that we all have bad days and that no matter what, God is watching over us.

  13. Amy says:

    Loved reading this post, Shannon! I just wrote a blog post about the woman who bled for 12 years as well. I’ve read it a thousand times but it really touched me in a new way when I read it in my quiet time this morning. Thanks for the encouragement.

  14. Shannon, this is amazing. I have tears in my eyes, you have such a way of speaking right to my heart through your words. As a mom with 2 young ones right now, every day feels like a bad day I’m hanging on to. Thank you for writing this.<3

    • Shannon says:

      Stefani- hang in there- you are not alone!!! Being a mom with young ones can be tough. Just know that you aren’t alone!! I’m saying a prayer for you:-)

  15. Mary Hill says:

    What a miracle that such a magnificent God sees me. Thanks for this important reminder.

  16. Kimberley says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. This is just what I needed right now.

  17. Dawn says:


    I am literally sitting at a table having coffee as I read your words and feeling a wee bit more connected to you because I totally get the message you are sending. I wanted to SEE HIM, not just be seen by Him… though that seems to make all the difference. When we know we are SEEN we have the ability to see things differently.

    So glad to have spent a few moments with you this morning. Thanks for being part of the #GraceMoments Link up. I love getting to know you a little more with each visit.
    And that story about the woman… she is one of my very favorite stories to study. 🙂

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  19. Lovely post, Shannon! It’s always a pleasure to stop by your “home” to say, “Hi”. Thanks so much for sharing. :o)

  20. Oh Shannon, you are such a blessing! You’ve always got the words that I need to read right at that moment. Thank you for this! <3

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  22. Julie says:

    Shannon- Thank you for the encouragement today! I forget often God sees me. Kids, house,meals,messes and I try to cram in some me time. So many days I feel like I’m going under.
    I’m so glad I matter to Him!
    Your #IntentionalTuesday neighbor,

    • Thank you so much, Shannon, for this reminder. Sometimes life gets busy and we feel so small and overlooked. Blessings to you sweet sista!

    • Shannon says:

      JULIE! Hi! Thanks for stopping by today:-) YOU DO matter to Him!!! I feel ya though…I feel like I’m going under at times, too….but what I find is that when that feeling comes, God is always right there…it’s like His arms surrounded me and remind me that He’s right there! We are blessed, aren’t we? To know Him…we’re so blessed!

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